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Premier League set to launch group to tackle racism

TACKLING RACIST ABUSE: Concerns have been raised over how the Premier League's new anti-racism group could impact Kick It Out, founded by Lord Ouseley (pictured)

THE PREMIER League is set to launch its own initiative to tackle racism in football, according to reports.

No Room For Racism, will be the league’s new group to tackle racist abuse, The Mirror has reported.

The announcement has concerned some supporters of Kick It Out, the anti-discrimination organisation founded by Lord Ouseley as they fear No Room For Racism could become a “rival” to the group.

Last month, senior officials at the Premier League met with top-flight chairmen to discuss the support for black, Asian and minority ethnic footballers and fans.

In response to the meeting, Lord Ouseley, the founder of Kick It Out told the BBC: "The fact that the Premier League has not consulted with Kick It Out, where there is a considerable amount of expertise and experience to assist them, is contemptuous of the way in which football is.

"It's sad that the Premier League, who we do receive quite a lot of support from, does not value that in the way in which it is has moved this forward.

"Whether it sees doing this secretly and on its own to gather the acclaim it is maybe seeking because it is right up front with an initiative of its own, I think it is the wrong way to go about doing things and I hope they will see the error of their ways.

Kick It Out celebrated its 25th anniversary last month at Stamford Bridge. It has been praised for

Supporters of the Kick It Out have criticised the Premier League’s move, which they believe will direct funding away from the anti-discrimination organisation.

Lester Holloway said on Twitter: “The Premier League is an absolute disgrace with their underhand move to undermine the independent anti-racist campaign Kick It Out by setting up their own in-house rival which is certain to be loyal and unchallenging.”

Warren Haughton, sports reporter at The Sun, tweeted: “Be interested to hear from the Premier League what the point of difference is. If there isn't one, why don't they give more funds to Kick It Out if they are doing the same thing its poor.”

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