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Presenter Monikah Lee brings 'Question Time to the new gen'


BLACK VOICES are more prominent in our society than ever before. Whether its on your Twitter timelines or Instagram feeds, news channels and online op-eds, those who were once underrepresented are channeling their passions to create much-needed content that is connecting with an entire generation.

One of the women aiming to be at the forefront of this is Monikah Lee. The presenter, who is know for her work with Link Up TV and online debate show BK Chat LDN has created her own talk show which she describes as "Question Time for the new generation"

As she prepares to premiere its second season, we speak to the rising presenter about her start in the industry, challenges, and hopes for the future.

Q: Tell us about yourself and how you got into presenting?

Monikah Lee: I go by the name of Monikah Lee, the founder and creator of The Talks With Monikah Lee Talk Show. But before anyone took my name seriously I was known as that 'girl' from BKChat for the longest while, (I’m not complaining though as it opened many doors). I absolutely love talking and making people laugh and thankfully I've landed myself in the perfect job role as a presenter that allows me to be myself and get paid for it!

I've built a career from the ground up as an events host, radio & TV personality by initially taking the leap by crossing the atlantic and going to Jamaica and orchestrated myself as a host. With this drastic and impromptu move, I was blessed to meet and interview artists such a Mavado, Beenie Man, Masicka, Bounty Killer, I Octane & so many more. Even though I was such an amateur I knew I had to create my own space regardless if people liked it or not or if I was considered as 'elite or not' and that was my entry into the industry.

A year later I auditioned for Link Up TV and I ended up smashing that audition with flying colours and I was given my own Street Quiz show on Link Up TV. For the past 2 years I've worked alongside them and eventually ended up hosting BK Chat LDN’s reunion show. God has been amazing and has brought many opportunities my way.

Q: How will this season of Talks with Monikah Lee differ from the previous season?

Monikah Lee: Even though every topic discussed on the show are structured, for the first time ever I've given my audience the option to decide on topics by doing a poll on my Instagram Stories. This gives them the opportunity to demand what they would love to discuss which has never been done before.

This season,the audience will also be given agree and disagree cards. This is great for people who may not be confident public speakers but they are still very much involved in the process.

I am happy to introduce my confirmed panelists this season; Omega- Axsal, a exceptional public, motivational speaker that highlights the importance of understanding black radicalism and shining light on the history of radical Black politics and inequalities they face in society; Controversial social media influencer Zeze Millz, a host and Youtuber who is widely known for ‘saying all the things you’re thinking’; and Chante Joseph, a politics enthusiast, speaker and writer for magazines such as Wonderland Mag, Cracked Magazine and more.

Q: What were some of the challenges of working on this season of the show?

Monikah Lee: Securing the venue was one of the many challenges that had me second guessing the whole agenda of my event. Then ensuring that the venue price meets my budget was another. Stress is one thing I wish that could eradicate, but I always say good things doesn't come easy and after 100 emails going back and forth it all worked out in the end!

Even though I face challenges I am thankful to have a great support system to help overcome it all. My friends have been great in delivering their input on how I can do better to improve the quality of my shows! I've been blessed that all the panelist involved accepted my invitation with open arms and are so supportive in understanding why this show is a necessity in our community. Last but not least, all the sponsors that are on board have made this planning experience even better with their input in making my show a success.

Q: There is an influx of black chat shows, podcasts etc. specifically in London. Why do you think there is such a heightened popularity for many black creatives to express themselves in this way?

Monikah Lee: All I can say is that I am over the moon with the amount of black creatives that are making their voice heard.

For so long black people have been suppressed in all aspects of their working life. It was once unheard of for black people on a mass scale speaking up against the inequalities they faced directly or indirectly in fear they will lose their jobs, contracts terminated or tarnishing their future prospects.

Now look at us flourishing to the point where our voice becomes a trend on Twitter and becomes headlines in publications. It’s time to accept that we deserve to use our voices to educate, motivate and express ourselves. All black people are not the same and we do not all share the same views so it’s important to have a variety of black chat shows, podcasts to explore this.

Q: Where would you like to see Talks with Monikah Lee in 10 years time?

Talks with Monikah Lee will have a slot on prime time TV. I see my talk show being televised all over the world, providing jobs, educating and motivating young women and men, showing that opportunities are endless. Talks With Monikah Lee is in the baby stages but once it hits adolescent and adulthood there will be no stopping her growth. So watch the space!

Talks With Monikah Lee returns to Proud Cabaret City on October 7, 2018

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