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Professor Green: Knife crime is not just a black issue

SPEAKING OUT: Professor Green

PROFESSOR GREEN has called out those who label knife crime as a black only issue.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper wrote: "There had been a lot of reference to a statistic that it’s largely black youths stabbing each other - what was left out was that this is only true of certain areas, as anyone with a brain can work out, in more densely white populated areas, the face of knife crime is white".

He wrote: "The fact that the face of knife crime they project nationally is black youths, as I said this morning implies institutional racism and criminalises a whole race, fitting their agenda to bring back racially profiled stop and search.

"I don’t think stop and search works to do anything apart from cause more division, friction and lack of trust of an organisation ever proven to be growingly corrupt. What we’re looking at isn’t a new problem, it’s been a growing problem for years with many different contributing factors."

His comments come after his appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, where he was asked what should be done to fix Britain's growing knife crime problem.

Professor Green has faced knife crime firsthand as he was stabbed in the neck in 2009.

The discussion around the growing epidemic continues, and most recently, police chiefs have urged to increase stop and search powers and allow them to use it even without ‘reasonable grounds’.

The proposal for the rule change would apply to England and Wales, with Adrian Hanstock, the deputy chief constable of the British Transport Police, arguing that “the current individual threshold that officers have to meet is very tight and precise.”

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