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Prostate cancer causing more deaths than breast cancer

ON THE RISE: Prostate cancer has overtaken breast cancer as the biggest cause of cancer-related deaths in the UK

PROSTATE CANCER has overtaken beast cancer for the first time as the biggest killer, figures show.

More than 11,800 men a year - or one every 45 minutes - are now killed by the disease in Britain, compared with about 11,400 women dying of breast cancer.

This means prostate cancer has overtaken breast cancer as the third biggest cancer killer in the UK, behind lung and bowel.

Despite this, it receives less than half the research funding of breast cancer, while experts warn that treatments for the disease are trailing at least a decade behind.

Angela Culhane, of Prostate Cancer UK, which released the figures, said: "With half the investment and half the research it’s not surprising that progress in prostate cancer is lagging behind … the good news is many of these developments could be applied to prostate cancer and we’re confident, with the right funding, we can dramatically reduce deaths within the next decade."

Culhane added: “We haven’t yet got the big game-changing advances that breast cancer has had in terms of the screening programme and also the precision medicine development. We need to bust that myth that it is just an old man’s disease that you don’t need to think is significant.

The Daily Mail reports Prostate cancer has received £227million of government and charity funds since 2002, less than half the £529million invested in breast cancer.

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