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Providing a platform for black enterprise

SUPPORT: The Voice

FOR OVER 35 years The Voice has proudly served Britain’s black community.

And has always been important for this publication to support black owned businesses.

Among other things they help provide employment and create wealth in our community.

This remit has been behind the launch our first Black Business Fair which will take place this Saturday (December 8) at Lambeth Town Hall.

There is no doubt that black businesses are becoming an increasingly important part of the UK economy.

According to figures released in August more than 55,000 businesses have been launched with the help of government start up loans since 2012 creating more than 66,000 jobs.

An impressive 1 in 5 of these enterprises are black-owned.

Sadly however many in our community either don’t know about these companies or don’t give them the support they deserve.

The Voice’s Black Business Fair aims to change this.
This free event, will give business owners in a range of sectors such as fashion, food, law, arts and crafts to showcase the quality of their products and services to eager black consumers.

Support for black owned businesses can achieve a number of important things for our community not least of which is generating wealth.

According to data from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising the spending power of black UK consumers Britain’s black communities is worth an estimated £300 billion.
It would benefit us if more of this impressive amount were spent with black-owned enterprises

This doesn’t just generate greater wealth which can be redirected to projects that support people of African Caribbean heritage.

It also helps to create a sense of unity and common purpose in the same way as happens in other communities.

The Voice will be hosting another business fair in summer next year.

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