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Publisher Sharmaine Lovegrove launches Caribbean journal

PUBLISHER: Sharmaine Lovegrove (Image: Twitter)

PUBLISHER SHARMAINE Lovegrove has launched a magazine dedicated to Caribbean writing.

Lovegrove announced the first issue of the magazine, Pree, on Twitter.

She said: “I heard many of you are interested in ‘diverse’ writing? So me and an amazing group of people from Jamaica have created Pree Lit – a journal celebrating writing from the Caribbean – a year in the making I am ecstatic to present issue one Crossroads.”

The magazine, which is a digital only, will feature a selection of contemporary literature including fiction, non-fiction, essays.

Lovegrove, publisher at Little Brown, an imprint of Dialogue Books, said: “The world is in a state of flux. As I write this, the Motherland that colonised many Caribbean islands and made them a focus of slavery is being held accountable for its disgraceful treatment of the Windrush generation: people from all over the West Indies who came to Britain to help rebuild it after the war in exchange and hope for different life.”

She added: “We hope this space will become a home for publishers and agents to take a dip and spend time discovering voices that are new to them or hearing from someone familiar in a different space.”

In her editor’s letter, Annie Paul, a writer and critic who works at the University of the West Indies, said: “Today there is no hesitation about using the region’s vernaculars in writing the Caribbean, or in rendering legible its colloquial or creole speech whether for domestic readers or foreign ones. There is no pan-Caribbean patois or creole, but a variety of creoles inflected by the languages people spoke and the colonial languages they intersected with – in effect the native languages of the region. At Pree we accept work written in Caribbean vernaculars, English and representations of both.”

Pree, which is self-funded, will be published biannually.

Writers are encouraged to submit works if they want to “pop verbal style, flip the script or boldly invent new metaphors”.

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