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Queen Latifah to fund and produce movies for women


QUEEN LATIFAH is holding the door open for women to make movies in a bid to see fairer representation across the industry. The award-winning actress recently announced the Queen Collective, which she says will ensure “that the queens have an opportunity.”

The star has partnered up with Procter & Gamble to launch the initiative, which seeks to work with two unknown and diverse female directors, provide them with the necessary resources from "A to Z" and then distribute their films.

Speaking about her latest move, Latifah said: “This is a small part of what we’d like to do to help change the disparity that we see out there in terms of all the dollars that are given to male directors, all the support that’s given to male directors.

We want to make sure women have an opportunity, that the queens have an opportunity. The Queen Collective will make sure that happens.”

She continued: “We are fighting to make sure everyone is represented in an equal way — and for who they truly are, not some stereotype of who you are."

The 48-year-old movie mogul says the Queen Collective is, "really important because there’s something special about seeing a woman who comes up with her own idea, who is able to take that idea, hire her own crew, make sure that idea is shot and done and edited and comes to the public eye, and they have a chance to see her vision. She will inspire so many other people by making that happen.”

As a trailblazer herself, Latifah added: This is what you need to be able to show in order to inspire other people, particularly the young girls and men, and let them know this is a normal thing and this is OK. This should not be an anomaly. This should be the norm.”

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