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Quick and safe ways to send money to Tanzania


TANZANIAN MIGRANTS who live and work abroad have been remitting money to their loved ones in their home country for years now. The money sent home is integral for communities in Tanzania as it is extensively used for household expenditures, maintenance and for investments.

Statistics reveal that Tanzania has over 324,394 migrants living abroad. The Sub-Saharan country has received over $435 million through remittances in 2017.

The highest contributors are Tanzanian migrants from the United Kingdom, who have sent $77 million to their home country. Close on the heels of the UK are remittance inflows from Tanzanian migrants in Canada ($57 million), Rwanda ($56 million), USA ($54 million) and Kenya ($42 million) who constitute the top 4 Tanzanian migrant populations and account for the large volumes of remittances received by the country.

Xpress Money in Tanzania

Established in 1999, in the United Kingdom, Xpress Money, a leading global money transfer brand has been facilitating money transfers to Tanzania for a few years now. In the UK, Xpress Money has a robust network of over 350 agent partner locations. Within Tanzania, the organization has 49 agent partner locations through its partnerships with some of the most credible financial institutions including Diamond Trust Bank (DTB), PBZ Bank and Unimoni.

Send money conveniently to your loved ones back in Tanzania

Xpress Money is constantly looking at delivering quality services to support the growing remittance requirements of the Tanzanian diaspora. From the UK, the international money transfer company provides two different services to help you send money to Tanzania safely.

Instant Cash Transfers

The Instant Cash Transfer service is one of the easiest ways for a sender to send money and for a receiver to receive money in Tanzania. To send a cash transfer, you would simply need to visit any Xpress Money agent location in the UK, show your proof of identity and hand in the cash. The money can be collected instantly by your beneficiary at any of the 49 Xpress Money agent partner locations in Tanzania.

Cash to Mobile Wallet

The Mobile Wallet service has been the gateway to financial inclusion for people in many parts of Africa. The sheer fact that money can be received instantly, and utility payments can be done with a click of a button, makes this service one of the most popular ones in Africa. Xpress Money has over 140,000 mobile wallet agent locations in Tanzania. To send cash to any mobile wallet, you would need to visit any of our agents in the UK.

Sending money via Xpress Money will ensure that your family receives the money securely. Our global partnerships and our committed investments in technology and compliance ensure that money transfers are easy, cost effective and secure. To know more about us, our services, network and cost of transfers click here.

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