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Quick Q+A With: Baby Queens

GIRL POWER: Baby Queens

Q:How did you all meet each other and form Baby Queens?

A:We are best friends and family members, so all knew each other initially. One day we were jammin together in our living room and wrote a tune, we kinda though "hold on! We should start an actual band, were always here making music, hanging out" and Baby Queens was born!

Who are your musical influences and how would you describe your sound?

A:We usually describe our music as "fusion" because we mix so many different styles and genres to create our sound. We are a full live band, and every band member sings too, so you'll find each band member on lead vocals on different tracks throughout the album.

I guess you could loosely call us a live RnB/HipHop band but we mix in so many different styles to create our sound. Our love of street poetry, spoken word and rap has influenced many of our songs, but we take influence from genres throughout the last few decades; rock n roll bands, soul/Motown, trippy 60s and 70s bands, the roots reggae and roots hip hop artists.

Baby Queens - Hear Me

How did you come up with the concept behind ‘Hear Me’ and what was the overall production process for this track?

A: Cara had written the riff and took it to rehearsal one day, Vanity was free styling over the riff and came up with the hook, we then developed the song as a full band, and Cian Ciaran worked his wizardry in the studio adding in the trippy synths etc.

You all have very individual styles. What is the key role that each member of the group has, and how would you describe your relationship in and out of the studio?

A:Although we all chip in with most things and I wouldn't necessarily say any member has an exact "key role" there are areas each one of us has strengths. For example, Ruth is really knowledgeable with equipment, amps, the instruments etc, Vanity is incredible with harmonies and structuring them. Monique is a DJ and a producer, and is great with the sound levels and also great with the social Media, Estelle and Cara Elise are good with the artistic visual Kinda stuff, but we are all pretty much all rounders.

Baby Queens - Red Light

How do you feel you’ve grown as artists since Red Light which was released in 2013?

A:Since the release of "Red Light", we have had so many incredible experiences as a band, and I think as an artist you are always growing, evolving, learning from the latest experience, and of course this will become apparent in your music and lyrics. I think as we are all very conscious people, one thing that has become clear over the last few years is that we really want to use our music to help people, animals, the world etc.

There are not many Welsh girl groups around. Do you feel a sense of responsibility to represent he country?

A:Wales is the underdog, we're a small country, and often overlooked or not known as a place globally. So yes, we defiantly feel proud to represent our beautiful and very small Celtic country and we believe unity for all people.

Did growing up in Wales influence any of your style - music, fashion or other?

A:Definitely! When we were kids, the Welsh were dominating the pop charts, Super Furry Animals, Catatonia, Manic St Preachers, Sterephonics and more. Every time we turned on the TV or radio there was a good portion of pop culture that was Welsh. It was a massive thing back then, and we want to reclaim and revive the language and culture that was almost lost.

During the girl groups movement in the 1990s, girl power was such a key message. In 2017, what does girl power mean to you, and do you feel like the meaning and message behind it has evolved?

A:For sure the 90's was an amazing time for women, we are massive fans of the riot grrrrl bands that emerged from this era, L7, hole, Babes in Toyland etc, and as kids these bands seemed so cool; these strong women who repped an anti establishment vibe, and fought for equality for women through their art.

But even looking at a seemingly unpolitical pop bands like the Spice girls, the majority of their lyrical content was really positive, nurturing and the undertone was positive and fun. Nowadays most girl bands are singing about, how hot they think they are, or how to get away with cheating on your boyfriend, or how to be a "female boss", it's heartbreaking to think the average listener of said tunes are around 11 years old, and they are sucking it all in like a sponge, in the same way we did with the "girl power" movement when we were kids.

I guess this is another reason we hope to give kids an alternative to the mainstream over sexualised content they are currently receiving, and inject some real music with a strong message into their psyche's.

Would you consider yourselves as feminists?

A:We consider ourselves to be all round justice fighters, we hope for justice, freedom and equality for all living beings, including animals and everything in the natural world. So, yes !! We could be considered feminist, in that feminism actively seeks to establish equality for women, after thousands of years of subjugation and oppression we're gettin closer, but there is still a way to go.

You’ve been acknowledged by many different platforms from BBC to The Guardian. What has been the most pivotal moment in your career so far?

A:We have had so many amazing experiences over the last couple of years, from playing at big festivals, touring with the BBC, recording at the famous Maida Vale studios, to making music videos and getting incredible album reviews from national newspapers and major music mags, there's just been so many exciting times it's impossible to choose just one!

What can people expect from Baby Queens this year?

A:We are currently touring with our debut album, which has been amazing so far. The last gig we played in London, we had fans from France and Russia who had flown in to the UK just to see us play, it was very humbling! We have the rest of the tour and the summer festivals to play, and are currently writing the second album.

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