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R Kelly on attempts to end his career: "It's too late"

ACCUSATIONS: R Kelly denies the claims made against him

FOOTAGE HAS emerged of R Kelly telling a room full of his supporters that the attempts to halt his career are “too late”.

In the footage, he appears to reference the #MuteRKelly campaign that was launched in a bid to silence him. The movement, which has gained global attraction on social media, has placed pressure on music labels to stop supporting the work of R Kelly.

So far, streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music have removed his songs from their playlist.

While smoking a cigar and holding a glass, Kelly said: “They should have did this s*** 30 years ago. I’ve got a million m***********s hating me, and 40 billion m***********s loving me.”

On Monday (May 21) the allegations against R Kelly escalated after 20-year-old Faith Rodgers issued a new lawsuit. She claims that the singer sexually assaulted her and gave her a sexually transmitted disease without her knowledge.

In documents detailing the allegations of abuse, Rodgers said the Ignition singer abused her “mentally, sexually and verbally” and filmed her against her will in “deviant and compromising sexual contact”.

In April, a representative for R Kelly said that he "categorically denies all claims and allegations”, but he is yet to publicly respond to the latest allegation by Rodgers.

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