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R Kelly: more accusers come forward

ACCUSED: R Kelly continues to deny the allegations made against him

MORE WOMEN have come forward and accused R Kelly of sexual abuse.

Rochelle Washington and Latresa Scaff are the latest in a string of women who have gone public with allegations against the singer.

Washington, 39, and Scaff, 40, appeared in a press conference yesterday and alleged they were supplied with alcohol and drugs during an after-party following a concert in Baltimore during the 1990s.

The pair said they were teenagers when the alleged incident took place but were unable to state the precise year.

Scaff alleged that she and Washington were invited to wait for R Kelly in his hotel room, which they did, and that when he arrived he asked them if they wanted to have a threesome.

Scaff has claimed she had sex with the star even though "I did not have the capacity to consent".

Speaking to the press, Gloria Allred, the lawyer who is representing Washington, Scaff and multiple R Kelly accusers, said: “To R Kelly, I’m sending this message. You have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. You have been able to get away with your predatory misconduct for far too long. And to date the only ones who have paid the price of your misconduct have been the young women who allege that you have victimised them.”

She added: “Your victims are now surrounding you and crying out for justice.”

It's difficult

Yesterday, R Kelly’s ex-wife Drea appeared on Good Morning Britain and shared her feelings on his accusers speaking out.

“It is difficult but it is needed, it’s saving lives, it’s changing lives” she said.

Asked if she believed all the women that have come forward with accusations and that R Kelly is a serial abuser of women, Drea said: “I believe that he is abusive, I can’t confirm or deny these women’s stories because, again, I have not lived it personally, all I can say is what rings true to my life.”

She added: “I can only speak to my truth and my truth is what I survived. He was abusive to me verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually – and as we stand today, he’s financially abusing me.”

Joann, R Kelly’s daughter, appeared alongside her mother on the show.

She said the allegations were very hard to come to terms with.

“That’s still my father. It’s a very hard situation to digest and even process because my heart is torn in two separate places.”

She added: “It’s very painful to see that all these people are now being affected and have been affected by somebody who I do care about.”

R Kelly has denied all the sexual abuse allegations made against him.

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