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Racist abuse directed towards Meghan Markle continues

PICTURED: Meghan Markle

FOLLOWING A successful royal tour, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have quickly become favourites in the eyes of the public.

However, the ongoing racist and sexist abuse directed towards The Duchess continues, as many of her fans have come to her defence following derogatory comments flooding Kensington Palace’s official Instagram account.

According to the Mirror, some of the messages claimed that she was from “the ghetto”, labelled her “tacky” and “trashy”, claimed she was bleaching her skin, and one of the messages even threatened to knife Markle.

The Mail on Sunday reports the sickening comment was left on a video of Meghan and Prince Harry during their New Zealand tour.

It read: "Soon it will be me who is next to Harry and Megssy will be gone" - and is followed by six knife emojis.

Palace officials are said to monitor the online platform but numerous messages have been missed.

Fans of the royal couple have come to Meghan’s defence, with many calling out the vile abuse.

"These people - sadly, the vast majority are women - resent her for it, so they criticise and try to invalidate everything she does, everything she wears, everything she says, everything,” said one Instagram user.

Another jumped to Meghan’s defence, stating: "For some, the fact that she’s biracial makes their resentment even worse, because many of her haters are racist. It’s sad I know, but it’s the truth."

The Duchess has faced an onslaught of abuse since her relationship with Prince Harry was announced in 2016, prompting the Prince to release a press release which called out the press for their racist and sexist comments.

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