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Racist tweets surface from father of the McClure twins

PICTURED: The McClure family

THE FATHER of the McClure twins has landed himself in hot water after racist tweets have resurfaced on social media.

Justin McClure shares mixed race twin daughters with his Nigerian wife, Ami Dunn McClure, and together the couple has risen to fame by posting amusing videos of Ava and Alexa to their 998,121 subscribers on YouTube.

Justin’s tweets that were made back in 2011, have been deleted from the family Twitter page, however, the screenshots remained.

McClure has since apologised for what was tweeted before he met his wife and blamed the remarks on his comedic career in addition to being a “womanizer” and “drunk”.

On the family channel, Justin alongside his wife and 7-month-old son said: "These tweets were jokes I did about race, I did about gender, about where I’m from in the south, that’s what I thought was funny at the time.”

McClure said the tweets were no longer a reflection of his humour recalling that he was a “very insecure person” but “years of therapy, years of sobriety” have helped change his life.

Meanwhile, wife Ami appeared to stand strongly by her man as she said: "What I dislike is people always brandishing things as racist were they bad jokes? Absolutely, but is he racist? I mean, really?"

As the pair concluded the post, Justin said: “I will not be responding to any comments or tweets but my wife will if you have something to say about it.”

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