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Rastafari schoolboy ordered to cut off dreadlocks

HAIR TALK: 12-year-old Chikayzea (Photo credit: BPM Media)

A LONDON school is under fire after a mother accused the school of religious discrimination, after they ordered her son to cut off his dreadlocks.

Tuesday Flanders said she tied up 12-year-old Chikayzea’s dreadlocks so that it did not breech Fulham Boys School’s policy of hair length. However, she received a call from the west London school saying that Chikayzea’s hair must be cut, Get West London has reported.

She said the school cannot expect her to cut her son’s hair as it is her family’s faith, religion and culture.

She also said she had a meeting with headteacher Alun Ebenezer in the hope of trying to come to some conclusion but claimed she was told the school had “a policy of no dreadlocks”.

“It’s my belief, my family’s belief. We have been Rastafarians for 30 to 40 years. No school should be able to dictate things like that. It can never be right. It’s a human right.”

Headmaster Alan Ebenezer said: “Boys cannot have hair longer than their collar or shorter than a number two. They can’t have braids or dreadlocks — it is on our website for everyone to see. Ofsted has seen the policy and whenever I speak in public I mention it. Because the school is so strict is why we are so oversubscribed. We are treating this as a cultural thing at the moment and taking advice on it.”

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