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Real rap from the heart

PROGRESSIONL Ty channels his struggles in his latest release

ON MARCH 2 Ty returns with ‘A Work Of Heart’. A body of work produced predominantly and written by the south London hip-hop artists.

Billed as a proper artist album that elevates the genre in an ambitiously artistic manner akin to Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, A Work Of Heart is a effortless mix of crisp and bouncy audiophile production, suffused with evocative, flavour-filled samples, live instrumentation and a heady, groovy atmosphere, whilst clever but accessible, vivid and entertaining lyrics are delivered with a grown man hip hop finesse and honest directness.

With wit, subtlety and humour Ty tackles subject matter ranging from Brixton, depression, poverty, racism, family, hip hop and the creative process, to philosophical musings on life and even imagined film soundtracks.

Despite being Ty’s masterwork, he also finds plenty of space to accommodate others, with a cast of guests including Durrty Goodz (now known as Rootz), Tall Black Guy, Wayne Francis from United Vibrations and the legendary Umar Bin Hassan from The Last Poets.

As the title suggests, Ty poured all of his heart into making this record, and it’s clearly audible; the hypnotic double-time roller ‘Eyes Open’ invites listeners to keep their senses sharp, acting as a subliminal invitation on how best to appreciate the rest of this record that reveals further sonic, musical, lyrical and thematic layers with repeated listens.

With a nod to Roy Ayers ‘Brixton Baby’ masterfully captures the bittersweet essence of one of London’s most currently prominent areas, in a celebration of coming from somewhere and the opposite to a hip hop postcode war.

The melancholy bass clarinet of ‘Marathon’ sets the tone for Ty’s glimpse of anxiety, depression and general struggle poetically being documented but not bemoaned, with a message of pushing on - both from a personal perspective and universally.

Maternal tribute ‘You Gave Me’ offers this album’s equivalent of Ty’s perennial anthem ‘Music 2 Fly 2’, and paints a picture of family sacrifice over a long period of time. Ty values hip hop as a high art form. He set out to create an album where every beat, sound and idea were thought-out, then thematically and coherently fused to create what he considers a perfect whole.

“I wanted to move away from the hip hop album approach where a bunch of disparate beats by different producers and different rappers with stock rhymes are strung together,” he explains.

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