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Record numbers on the move with their turkey leftovers

ON THE ROAD: Some 20 million people will be travelling on Boxing Day

TURKEY LEFTOVERS will be flying across the country today (Dec 26) as families take to the roads in record numbers.

Three in ten of the population - 19.7million people - have said they are planning to make a trip to visit loved ones, making Boxing Day the most-travelled day of the Christmas holidays.

And half of those travelling say the no.1 priority is to pack snacks for the journey, with the remains of yesterday's Christmas dinner inevitably being the favourite sandwich filler.

In all, Brits will spend 19 hours 42 minutes travelling to visit loved ones over the Christmas break, with 93 [per cent of families travelling at least once during the festive period – revealed by a survey of 1,000 British parents commissioning by streaming app DisneyLife, which has the ultimate holiday collection of movies, TV, music and books available on-demand.

Almost half (47 per cent) the nation say they decorate the car in some way to help everyone get in the festive spirit. Overall, the main feeling parents have about travelling over the Christmas season is excitement (30 per cent), followed by happiness (22 per cent). But it is not all 'Happy Families' - traffic jams, kids getting bored and constant loo breaks add to family travel tensions.

Preparing for the journey is now almost as important as the journey itself and as much time is now spent packing the family’s ‘digital suitcase’ for the journey as the actual bags.

Three in ten Brits plan to make a journey today (26 December), topping the next most-popular times of Christmas Day (26 per cent) and December 23 (21 per cent).

In all, 76 per cent of families were on the move at least once from December 24-26, with most of those (79 per cent) going by road, 16 per cent by train and 9 per cent flying.

Family travel tension is most caused by traffic jams (47 per cent), kids getting bored (40 per cent), complaining about needing the loo (24 per cent), trying to fit everything in the car (23 per cent) and complaints about being hungry (22 per cent).

Also high on driving parents round the bend are kids disagreeing (20 per cent), being late for family occasions (19 per cent), parents themselves getting bored (18 per cent), the car having mechanical problems (18 per cent) and talking over the radio (15 per cent).

Kids and other passengers don't help matters by complaining. The in-car quotes that most drive parents round the bend are “I need the toilet” (47 per cent), “Are we nearly there yet?” (45 per cent), “There’s a traffic jam up ahead” (43 per cent), “I’m bored” (40 per cent) and “We’re going the wrong way” (25 per cent).

Also infuriating are “I don’t know where we are” (24 per cent), “We need petrol” (18 per cent), “We forgot the tablet/mobile phone” (17 per cent). “We haven’t downloaded enough movies/TV shows for the trip” (15 per cent) and “The GPS doesn’t have any signal” (14 per cent).

Modern technology can be a parent's best friend when on the move, with viewing TV shows or movies the top in-car activity (53 per cent). Also popular are in-car singalongs (41 per cent), traditional games such as I-Spy (29 per cent), activity books (21 per cent) and reading (11 per cent).

To help families on their journeys, DisneyLife is launching the ultimate ‘driving home for Christmas’ collection, which has been specially created to help make travelling over the festive period a little bit more entertaining, featuring the most downloaded DisneyLife movies, shorts, TV shows, albums and books for Christmas.

The average family traveling for 19 hours 42 mins to see friends and family this Christmas could watch Beauty & The Beast (1991) 9 times, view 39 episodes of TV show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, enjoy Frozen Fever (short) 147 times or sing along to Let it Go from Frozen 315 times during the journey on DisneyLife.

Chiara Cipriani, general manager of streaming app DisneyLife said, “Travelling to see loved ones at Christmas is a well-known journey for many parents nationwide – and with the roads likely to be jam-packed, it seems that many families plan to take advantage of digital entertainment to make the journey a little more fun!

"We’re excited to launch the ultimate driving home for Christmas collection on DisneyLife, and with DisneyLife’s library of hundreds of TV shows, books and music, hopefully we can help the whole family enjoy the trip even more together. We wish everyone safe travels over the holidays.”

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