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Reggae Girlz coach wants stands to be 'full of Jamaicans'

SQUAD: Jamaica's Reggae Girlz

REGGAE GIRLZ coach Hue Menzies has guided his team to their World Cup final debut later this summer.

The Jamaica team are looking to bloody a few noses when they get to the finals in France.

This week, Menzies tells The Voice Rodney Hinds that his squad’s preparations are on track…

Rodney Hinds: How are plans going for the World Cup?

Hue Menzies: We have had two camps in Jamaica. One in January to evaluate the entire pool of players. We brought in 38 players to do inter squad games. At the other camp we had two games against Chile and we got positive results from both games.

We will then play South Africa on April 7. On May 19 we have a send-off game in Jamaica when we face Panama, then we head to Scotland to play on May 28. We will be in London for an appearance and training on May 26.

The team is coming together. We still have a few players injured, but they will be ready for the Panama game. We will start narrowing down the selections after the South Africa game, but we are still lacking funding to support our preparation.

RH: How beneficial will it be to play fellow World Cup debutants Scotland?

HM: Scotland will be a very good barometer for us. They will play Brazil, so it will give us an opportunity to see where we are as a team with only a couple of weeks before the World Cup. This game will start our acclimatisation process for the European environment.

RH: What would you say to your British fans in terms of attending the fixture against Scotland? What can you give them to look forward to?

HM: First of all, we want to see the stands full of Jamaicans! We want to start to simulate the World Cup with all the cheers and the bangarangs [noisy celebrations].

The fans will see an up tempo game and we look forward to seeing how the Scotland team can handle our athletic ability on the counter. This should be an exciting atmosphere and we hope all the Jamaicans in the UK come out.

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