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Reggae music added to Unesco Cultural Heritage List

ESTATIC: Olivia Grange

REGGAE MUSIC has officially been added to the United Nations’ list of global cultural treasure.

UNESCO, the world body’s cultural and scientific agency, added reggae to its collection of “intangible cultural heritage” deemed worthy of protection and promotion.

According to The Gleaner, Jamaica’s Culture Minister Olivia Grange said “This is a historic day. We are very, very happy.”

The musical style has now joined a list of cultural traditions that include the horsemanship of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, a Mongolian camel-coaxing ritual and Czech puppetry, as well as more than 300 other traditional practices spanning from boat-building and pilgrimages to cooking and dance.

Jamaica applied for reggae’s inclusion on the list this year at a meeting of the UN agency, where 40 proposals were under consideration.

Reggae was competing for inclusion alongside Bahamian strawcraft, South Korean wrestling, Irish hurling and perfume making in the southern French city of Grasse.

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