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WHAT IS your relationship with fitness? - During your adolescent years growing up, what type of activities interested you? Were you the type of person who joined every sports club enlisted; the basketball club, swimming club, netball club, football club, or were you someone who found every excuse to not join in to any?

If you were the former, then perhaps it was inevitable that as you became of age, you would be involved in something fitness related even if it were just a hobby. You may already have discovered your main fitness interest whether that is to take part in every single marathon or triathlon known to man or perhaps to be a coach.

But what about if you are the latter with no foundation with fitness - how do you start to build a relationship with something that you never had?

You may already be reading this and thinking, I’ve already tried to rebuild my relationship with health and fitness and still there is no love. Over the years I have noticed and experienced, first hand, people forcing themselves to go to the gym because they know they need to be active and it’s imperative that they adopt a fitness lifestyle.

Too many times people are caught following the trend and not often enough do people ask themselves of their own interests. What about if you tried again and attempted to build a relationship with fitness focusing on the activities that interest you. Not everyone is supposed to go to the gym, cover themselves in chalk, drop weights and grunt, believe it or not!

What about if you have been advised to do Yoga, as if it were the Holy Grail, but not everyone has that Zen to be a yogis and that’s ok.

So how do we rebuild a tarnished relationship with fitness or a relationship that never existed? Well first, as we already know, you need to have a burning desire for your own wellbeing.

Develop an understanding about the way in which you must look after your body both internally and externally. Internal love breeds external greatness. How we look after our body is a reflection on our physical performance.

Once established, it is important that we begin a fitness regime or routine that will keep us committed and inspired to take ourselves further then where we already are. Decide where your interests lie and what is most convenient for you.

Home training has become an epidemic in the fitness realm. More and more people find comfort at being able to train in the comfort of their own home - maybe this includes you.

Perhaps you find joy in walking; you love the outdoors and find walking a therapeutic activity. It doesn’t feel like training but you get joy out of knowing how many calories you have burned and how many steps you have completed each day, resulting in a healthy competition with ones self.

You need to discover what you are interested in and what moves you passionately. Love to dance, try Zumba, enjoy combat, try boxing, love the water, go swimming.

If your wellbeing is important to you, you will find a way, if not, you will find an excuse. Find your activity that ignites fun into your fitness. It’s ok to start again more then once as long as each time you re-start, you attack the situation differently.

Be fierce but have fun when you train.

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