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RULE BRITANNIA: The words of this famous song are redundant if the allegations of slavery in Leighton Buzzard are true.

WHEN I SAID Britain was a slave island in this very paper a couple of weeks ago, some of you laughed at the idea.

But the recent news of an alleged slave camp in Bedfordshire proves me right. Slavery is up and running and doing very nicely in this country. Only this time it’s otherfolks who have been enslaved.

A fact which threatens to make a mockery of that famous line which is sung at every Last Night of the Proms or an England match, that Britons ‘never ever ever shall be slaves’.

Rule Britannia.

A song from back when this little island of ours ruled the waves. A misguided belief that somehow an accident of birth can protect and ringfence you from the ignominy of enslavement. It was sung by the English football supporters (not the players I hasten to add) when England played USA for the opening game of the World Cup in South Africa last year.

Rule Britannia.

What do black England football fans do when their fellow supporters rise to that chorus during an international? Do they sing along? Where do they put their faces? Do they count themselves in on ‘Britons never ever ever shall be slaves’?
Rule Britannia.

The audacity! These fans actually had the nerve to go to Africa of all places and brag about being the enslavers rather than the enslaved.

The ancestors must have been rolling around in their resting places when they heard the supporters’ chant because, shortly after, the ball bobbed up on the grass, danced a jig in the air and slid between the England goalkeeper’s hands into the back of the net.

It was a howler of England’s own making. How can you expect to go to Africa and start singing about how you have never ever been and will never ever be a slave and expect the ancestors to just sit back and ‘llow you to beat USA at football?

It’s bad enough having to sit through the Last Night of the Proms with your work colleagues as I had to do the other night. When it came to singing THAT song, one or two of them sang until their voices were busting out of their chests. When I pointed out the line that I objected to, one colleague chided me for not joining in the fun. I couldn’t help thinking, it’s all right for you.

Rule Britannia, though humiliating for me, gives one a sense of superiority, confident in the belief that no matter how low you go, no matter how bad things get, you have never ever ever ever been nor ever ever ever will be enslaved.
Well, things have gone from bad to worse. If we had known things could be this bad we would have come up with a word for worser than worser. WORSERER.

The worst is still to come but for now things are WORSERER for Britons than the blokes who wrote Rule Britannia could have imagined.

The words of the song may already be redundant if the allegations of slavery in Leighton Buzzard of all places proves true. The press of course were quick to point out that some of the 24 slaves who were given their freedom following a police raid were foreigners. Hence NOT Britons. The nationalities of the other slaves have not been clarified. So for now at least, Britons never ever ever will be slaves. And may forever never be. Who is to say that the one slave with the requisite British passport, isn’t really a drunkard from the Isle of Man? Which technically makes him a bloody foreigner!!

Best thing about the story is the bit about the 25 or so slaves who broke free and did a runner from their slavemasters. They must have been brothers.

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