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REVIEW: Den of Thieves

OUT NOW: Den of Thieves

GUNS? CHECK. Suspense? Check. Ballsy all star cast? Triple check!

In the midst of Marvel mania taking over our psyche along with constant chatter surrounding the 2018 movie award season, Den of Thieves is simply an entertaining breath of fresh air - but it's not for the faint hearted.

Writer-director Christian Gudegast’s made a splash with a gun-heavy opening scene, as the film begins with an elite gang of robbers assaulting a security van and escape capture by the police. What you see is an incredibly action-packed opening, setting the scene for the gritty flick.

We’re then introduced to Gerard Butler’s character, LA sheriff Big Nic - the gritty good cop/bad cop who is hellbent on catching the gang. Butler’s performance is a standout in the movie, as we see the character’s desire to capture the gang whilst deal with the breakdown of his family and succumb to alcohol, sex and some questionable practices in order to catch the bad guys.

Den Of Thieves brilliantly divides the story between the cops and robbers, as we simultaneously see them preparing for big moments, in a cat and mouse chase that certainly entertains.

Another stand out comes in the character of ex car thief Donnie, played by O’Shea Jackson Jr, star of Straight Outta Compton. Without giving to much away, his character is pivotal to the fates of those on both sides of the fight, as Merrimen and his crew plan their biggest heist yet: the theft of millions of dollars from the LA branch of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Much of the dramatic moments range from penultimate gun fight between Big Nick and his men and the robbers, and Gudegast keeps things moving with aerial shots of Los Angeles by night, making for beautiful cinematography and accompanied by an amazing score from Cliff Martinez.

Gudegast was able to capture the gritty, gutsy side of Los Angeles - away from the glitz and glamour, lining up perfectly with the dark and complex nature of the characters.

As a suspenseful thriller, Den Of Thieves incorporates a susprings plot twist in an otherwise predictable script - making it nothing less than a thoroughly entertaining watch.

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