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Review: Kia Soul


THERE’S ALWAYS been something intriguing about Kia’s Soul.

Kia’s marketing gurus have declared:

"Be bold and stand out, with the stylish car that’s designed to be different."

And to fair they are not too far off the mark.

You, as ever, get a choice of specifications with Soul 1, 2,3 and Sport versions. There are two engines: a 130bhp 1.6-litre petrol and a 126bhp 1.6-litre diesel.

The petrol isn’t turbocharged, so needs to be revved very hard if you want to make swift progress. The diesel, on the other hand, has plenty of shove at low and medium revs, so you don’t have to change gear too often around town.

You’ll be comfy in the cockpit for sure. Your living room has some competition. The interior of the 2017 Soul is plush, quiet, and totally tailored for comfort.

Stay cool in the summer with ventilated driver and passenger seats that circulate air. Or stay warm in the winter with heated front and rear seats.

The panoramic sunroof literally sheds light on the Soul’s occupants. It covers a wide area for maximum appeal and brightness with one-touch motor-driven roller blinds with a thoughtful sliding function to block the sun and provide shade whenever required.

There is plenty of innovation attached to the Soul. State-of-the-art sensors monitor your side and rear to keep you aware of vehicles entering into your blind spots. You’ll receive visual alerts on Soul’s outside mirrors and, if necessary, you’ll hear an audio alert too.

The infotainment will provide you with all the data and entertainment you need whilst on your travels. Coupled with the 8-speaker JBL Infinity sound system, this feature provides the best in navigation, sound and connectivity. It includes a traffic messaging channel with handy detour function and full UK postcode recognition, motorway junction views, lane guidance, speed limit display and multi-route planning enabling the driver to select from the fastest, shortest or more economical route.

With a few subtle tweaks, the new Kia Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) looks a lot like a mean machine.

The Soul’s available High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights and LED front fog lights are bright and crisp, allowing you to see more of the road at night and drive with more confidence.

You’ve guessed it then! I like the latest version of Kia’s funky Soul. My automatic test drive proved to have rhythm and did not give me the Blues!

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