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Review: Mondeo Vignale

CAR OF THE WEEK: Ford Mondeo Vignale 2.0 TDCI which starts from £34,095 (photo credit: Car Buyer)

FORD HAVE themselves a winner with the classy Mondeo Vignale.

It’s the first model to emerge from the manufacturer’s new luxury brand Vignale, which promises an all-options-included kit list, handcrafted detailing and a bespoke dealer service.

This approach is part of a plan that will see Ford attempt to muscle in on the premium sector currently dominated by the Germans.

Prices start from £29,045 for the 185bhp hybrid model, with the new 207bhp 2.0-litre bi-turbo diesel fitted to our test car taking that price north of £31,000. And like the rest of the Mondeo range, you can have the Vignale as a saloon, an estate for a further £1,250 and with the option of all-wheel drive costing an additional £1,500.

Comfort is the Vignale’s priority and it’s extremely quiet at motorway speeds, yet can still be fun to drive down a twisting backroad.

Buyers can also choose to fit their Vignale with four-wheel drive for extra grip on wet roads or to make it better suited for towing.

SPACE: The Mondeo's interior (photo credit: Car Magazine

The Mondeo Vignale’s cockpit is a thing of beauty. High-quality leather, metal trim and chrome surrounds for the main instruments mark the Vignale’s interior out from the standard Mondeo.

The car’s size ensures that it impressively ticks the practicality box. Space in the front is excellent and the rear seat can easily accommodate two tall adults, although a six-footer sitting in the middle might find headroom is a little tight in the saloon thanks to its sloping roof. The Vignale offers a vast array of storage spaces and cupholders that make it easy to keep the interior tidy, or lose your keys depending on how organised you tend to be.

For the anoraks amongst you, here’s a little nugget of knowledge for you. The Vignale name is taken from Italian coachbuilder Alfredo Vignale, who designed one-off models of Ferraris, Alfa Romeos and other Italian car brands.

While this huge Ford is something special it just does not have the stardust of the aforementioned Italian jobs.

The major caveat with the Mondeo Vignale is its price; for a similar amount of money (around £30,000), you could get yourself a BMW 3 Series Sport or a Jaguar XE Prestige.

Both BMW and Jaguar have more clout in terms of their brand images in this sector and have more experience with providing a solidly built and dynamically adept saloon car.

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