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Review: 'Roots & Culture', a book on black British identity

A GOOD READ: 'Roots & Culture' by Eddie Chambers is available to buy now

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN a text book on the unique experience of black Brits and an exciting summary of the who's who of reggae music and all of its sub-genres, Roots & Culture charts the Caribbean experience in the UK through the intersection of music and culture.

Starting from the 1950s and working right-up to the present day, author Eddie Chambers takes a considered look at how a generation helped to form a brand new social identity in a new land, where there was nothing of its kind before.

Chambers includes plenty of black and white as well as colour images in the book, depicting key moments in black British history.

A thoroughly enjoyable read, the book is dense enough in detail warrant the reader's full attention. A great companion to any kind of cultural, social or black-specific academic study that one might be doing, Roots & Culture is equally one to devour just for the love of it and pass down to younger relatives who will appreciate the detailed and still-relevant observations from the past.

Roots & Culture by Eddie Chambers is available to buy now.

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