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Review: Teacher Turned Gangsta by Juven Bailey

TEACHER TURNED GANGSTA: Juven Bailey's book is a half-funny, half-serious look at life in a school

TEACHER TURNED Gangsta by Juven Bailey is a half-funny, half-serious look at life in a school racked by failure. It shows how a school changes when every level of staffing is put under severe pressure in hope of dramatic improvement. At the heart of the tale are four key characters ravaged or perturbed in some way by the challenging circumstances.

The novella is an easy read which every teacher should read if for no other reason but to recognise their colleagues or perhaps the traits. Anyone who has ever been to school will enjoy a sneak peek of what some of their teachers really got up to. Suitable across many age groups Teacher turned Gangsta is fun but concise and beckons for a book two. Verdict: Grab a copy, read and share! (Suitable for most age groups). 

After a catastrophic OFSTED inspection the school disintegrates into a chaotic war zone and struggles to make the right improvements. The characters while exaggerated; are believable and you can picture George and Charlotte without much stretch of the imagination.

Teacher turned Gangsta does not, however, tell a seamless tale but instead throws characters and their actions into your face. Not only does it show you their school life but their personal circumstances which in some ways determine their response to the hardships.

While too brief in parts, in its brevity Teacher turned Gangsta invites you to think about: work-life balance, women in the workplace, mental health and racism; issues all tossed the readers way, leaving them to decide and conclude.

The collapse of the headteacher, the uncontained ambition of Charlotte, which often leaves her waiting by the toilets, and Sean’s complete delusion will guarantee the readers more than just one laugh.

Verdict: Grab a copy, read and share! (Suitable for most age groups)

Paperback £8.95 | Ebook - Kindle version £2.99

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