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Rihanna shares support for Sudan protesters

VOCAL: Rihanna

RIHANNA HAS backed Sudan's protests and used social media to call for an end to military rule in the east African nation.

Sudan has faced extreme turmoil since army officers ousted President Omar al-Bashir in April, sparking a series of staged peaceful protestors which have turned violence.

Throughout the last month, protests have been demanding for a democratic and civilian rule and the Bajan singer is lending her support to their cause.

"With more protests planned for today, June 30, I send my (heart emoji) and I pray for the safety of the Sudanese people. They have a right to speak out and demand peace, justice, and a transition to civilian rule," the Umbrella hitmaker wrote on Instagram.

Demanding Sudan's military chiefs be brought to justice, the Bajan popstar added: "Over 100 were killed and hundreds more were wounded during the June 3rd protests. Military rulers need to be held accountable. Praying for no more killings or abuse today."

Rihanna previously took to social media to raise awareness to the problems in Sudan eralier this month, telling her followers of the treatmenrt facedf by opposiution activists, which included rape and beign made to drink sewage water.

So far, seven people died and more than 180 injured following a crackdown on Sunday’s protest, according to Sudeanese state media.

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