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Ryanair racism victim still awaiting apology & compensation

BETTER TIMES: Delsie Gayle and her daughter Carol took a holiday to Florida towards the end of last year

DELISIE GAYLE, the 77-year-old black woman who was racially abused whilst on a Ryanair flight in October 2018, has yet to receive an apology or compensation from Ryanair.

In a post linked to the petition page which is campaigning for Mrs. Gayle to be compensated by Ryanair, Zita Holbourne, co-founder of the anti-austerity group Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts, shares that she has spoken with Mrs. Gayle and her daughter Carol about an update on her case.

In the post, Holbourne writes: “There is still no further movement or positive response from Ryanair disappointingly but Mrs Gayle's lawyers will be writing to them again shortly. She is waiting for an update from both Spanish and British police and we expect this to be a long process.

“Mrs Gayle and her daughter have advised that they are not giving up irrespective of how long it might take to seek justice, they appreciate your support to date and they ask for your continued support going forward please.”

Holbourne adds that since the incident, Mrs.Gayle and her daughter were able to take a “well-deserved” break to Florida, and thanked people who donated to crowdfunders to pay towards a new holiday.

“Do please continue to remind Ryanair that Mrs Gayle is not alone, by writing, emailing and contacting them via social media to keep up the pressure.”

The petition, which launched last year, has so far received over 350,000 signatures.

The racist incident shocked the nation when video footage showed David Mesher verbally abusing Mrs. Gayle, calling her a an “ugly black b****”, and her being moved from her seat whilst he remained.

This resulted in Ryanair deciding to ban disruptive passengers on their flights, but many felt this was not enough and vowed to boycott the budget airline.

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