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Saluting positive representations of young black boys

BLACK EXCELLENCE: Students of St Bonaventure's School in east London with motivational speaker Action Jackson (Photo credit: @ActionJackson Twitter)

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT worker Action Jackson shared a video on social media yesterday, of something he saw that “blown him away”.

What he saw last Friday evening in east London, was a group of six young black boys in Stratford Library studying as he was making his way to an event.

Jackson, who captured everything on camera, can be seen outside the library, saying: “I’m just on my way to a talk, walking through Stratford, and I pass what seems to be like a library, and right behind me – what can you see? A group of young men, on a Friday evening, studying.

In the video, which has received over 20,000 views, 400 retweets and 1,000 likes on Twitter, Jackson can be seen going into the library to commend the boys on their efforts.

Speaking to the students, the motivational speaker discovered that the young men are from St Bonaventure’s School in east London, and one of the boys is teaching the rest of them Physics.

Jackson was so impressed and pleased with what he saw, that he paid for their meal following their tutoring session, and paid the young man for the time he spent tutoring.

He also gave a pep talk to the boys, feeling inspired to salute the young men for their positive representation of today’s youth and shining a light on young black men doing good that media doesn’t often portray.

Watch the full video clip below:

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