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Sam has a ball!

Glamour: Samuel L Jackson, Jasmine and Jackson’s PR manager Sofia Davis

SAMUEL L Jackson hosted his annual Shooting Stars benefit ball in London and what a glamorous affair it was.

A champagne reception greeted us as we arrived along the red carpet, and I smiled as I noted all my favourite brands were the event’s sponsors. From the Moet & Chandon bubbly, to the Virgin Atlantic flights that were up for auction and more.

Even better, show company FitFlop were the main sponsors, so each guest was treated to a free pair of any FitFlop shoe of their choice. As these are pretty expensive, I took full advantage!

I was sat on the Adidas table, which was clearly the most lively and fun table in the room. In fact, some folks that were seated elsewhere, actually came and requested to be seated at our table midway through the dinner, as their table had been very quiet and stuffy. They could probably hear the laughter coming from our table, which was sparked after we discovered the phone screen saver of one of people on our table: it was a topless picture of hottie actor Idris Elba, which had all the ladies at the table salivating in a quite disturbing manner!

Between Idris’s topless photo and Desperate Housewives heartthrob Jesse Metcalfe, who was at a table beside us, there were ladies swooning all over the place, whilst the non-stop alcohol, which was being poured by silver service waiters had the rest swooning.

To complete the massive swoon-fest, we had a little two-step with the main man of the night, Samuel, after he hosted the live auction. The auction itself raised lots of cash for the charity, which aims to make every day count for children and teenagers with life-limiting conditions. What an amazing cause.

Man of Action

NEXT, my pal, actor, director and screenwriter Noel Clarke invited me down to Hayes to the film set where he was making his latest film Storage 24.

It was fascinating to watch the making of film as opposed to the TV that I'm used to. The detail and patience required is second to none. I saw aliens flying around and blood and wounds everywhere whilst Noel just sat back like a G and took it all in his very classic stride.

I wish more young people could hear Noel speak. He can articulate opinions for the younger generation like no one else in our scene. He has respect, talent and a following of thousands. Politicians, get him on board whilst you still can!

Young frustration

WHAT can I say about the riots that hasn’t already been said? So many divided opinions, so many lives affected and so many causes set back. But, as predicted, the lazy cries of some media folks wanting to blame music and hip-hop came thick and fast.

Should we blame hip-hop for thieving MPs Paedophiles? Mass murderers? I listened to NWA and watched shoot ‘em up westerns throughout my childhood – it didn’t make me riot and loot.

But then, I also had free education, a youth club and activities to take part in after school. In addition, I lived in a world full of hope where parents were allowed to reprimand me and I was frightened of disrespecting my teachers.

This is the chickens come home to roost. The government took away parents’ and teachers’ rights to show real authority. Nowadays, the reality is that there are kids threatening to call the police on their parents and threatening them with social services! Taking away parental power was the beginning of the end. That made kids rude.

Then, the government made cuts in education, ignored poverty, pretended that postcode gang wars didn’t exist, and just let young people get on with it.

You can never justify the riots or looting. They were wrong – full stop. But people should have been open minded enough to see why it was a boiling pot waiting to bubble over.

The bottom line though is that there is no intelligent justification for the carnage that innocent people and their livelihoods have suffered. Rioters shamelessly ran the streets and now innocent people are dead.

There is no one solution to this. So instead of resorting to the solution of just punishment for the savagery, how about a pro-active change in Britain’s moral society, which is clearly corrupt on so many levels?

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