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Sandra G celebrates 10th anniversary of her organic brand

ANNIVERSARY: Foundation Pimento Oil

SANDRA G, better known as Lady English is excited and grateful to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of her company, Fountain Pimento Oil.

Long before high street brands brought their flagship stores to New York and online shopping was a thing, Lady English was selling women’s clothes, Clark’s shoes and Pendeen mesh marina’s from the UK to supplement her meager earnings after migrating to Brooklyn, NY in 1997.

The former magazine journalist and booking agent made a good living and that experience made her realise she could sell ANYTHING.

The radio show presenter’s journey promoting some of Jamaica’s gifts to the world began in January 2008, after a visit to her mother’s birthplace of St. Thomas, Jamaica. Lack of a decent beach in the area led to a trek up Bath Fountain, a renowned sulphur mineral spring where thousands flock annually for a healing bath and massage.

After a life changing, therapeutic bath and deep tissue massage in the hot mineral filled spring water, Lady English realised her own nerve damage pain had disappeared, and decided that this product should be everywhere and not just in Jamaica: “We’re always running to the doctors for a prescription for medicine that more often than not fixes one symptom, but creates another,” she said.

Fountain Pimento Oil uses leaves, barks, seed and natural plant oils to create organic, vegan safe herbal pain relief and hair growth products suitable for all ethnicities.

After a shipment of Pimento Oil from Jamaica did not meet her expectations, Lady English decided to experiment with Pimento and other leaves from Jamaica and make it herself. She tested her formula by giving away samples during the Keeling Beckford Show on WVIP which she hosted for five years, and once people started giving feedback that it worked, she went ahead to manufacture the product full on.

Bolstered by the success of Fountain Pimento Oil, she then tried her hand at hair growth oils, then shampoo and conditioners, which she says are all doing phenomenally well on various online platforms including Amazon, Groupon, Etsy and

“We make all our products fresh, and in small batches since we don’t use preservatives or artificial additives,” adds English. “I have discovered over time not to sell three or four dozen products to a store at once as this stuff is made with fresh leaves from Jamaica and organic products and will go off fast” she cautions.

“I know for a fact that the success of my company globally wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Caribbean diaspora and local businesses - particularly Keeling Records, Moodies Records in the Bronx, Sam’s Caribbean Market in Long Island and Vital Health in Queens” says Lady English.

Giving away samples of Fountain products to a slew of elite reggae artists including the UK’s Bitty Mclean, Yashemabeth McLeod and Jamaican legends Johnny Osbourne and Ken Boothe has resulted in dozens of specials singing the praises of pimento oil, and that is testimony to the power of “Fountain – one of Jamaica’s gifts to the world!”

Visit the website at or call toll free at (866) 223-2414

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