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The Save Bridge Park Campaign needs you

CAMPAIGN: The Bridge Park Steering Group has a renewed vision for the community space

THE BRIDGE Park Steering Group will be holding a formal public meeting/consultation on Sunday December 9 2018, at Bridge Park Complex, NW10 0RG from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

All sections of the community are urged to attend to receive an update of the ongoing legal challenges being faced by the Save Bridge Park Campaign.

In June 2017, Brent Council entered into a conditional land sale agreement with General Mediterranean Holdings (GMH) for the sale of Bridge Park Complex land. A strict condition of the sale is that the land must be free of all interests.

Brent Council plan to allow development work of over £800 million consisting of a 4-star hotel, office block, 600 open market flats of which only five per cent (30) will be earmarked as affordable housing, and from this development, a swimming pool and sports gym are the only amenities that will be set aside for community use.

The Save Bridge Park Campaign led by the Bridge Park Community Council Steering Group (BPCC) has been established and launched by residents, volunteers, professionals and businesses who are opposed to this land sale.

The primary objective of this campaign is to protect the community’s interest in, and control and development of, the Bridge Park land and properties.

In August 2017, an application was made by BPCC to the Land Registry to restrict Brent Council from selling Bridge Park. BPCC made several offers to negotiate with Brent Council; however, they have chosen to not come to the negotiating table. Instead they have apparently sided with commercial interests and have used council funds to take the community to the High Court.

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Renewed Vision
The Steering Group has a renewed vision for Bridge Park. Our community has greater socio-economic needs than just a swimming pool and sports gym. With community facilities in Brent being increasingly sold off, there is an urgent requirement for somewhere owned and run by the community for the community, to meet our local needs.

In the 1980s, HPCC, whose motto is “By The Community, For The Community”, was founded by a group of local 18-21 year olds. They had a vision and drive to ensure that young men and women growing up in Stonebridge and the surrounding area had the opportunity and facilities to empower themselves to achieve their potential.

Having seen a disused bus garage for sale, they approached the local authority to obtain funding to acquire the garage for this purpose. They succeeded in obtaining national grant funding of £1.8 million from the Central Government Urban Area Grants. They were able to raise a further £3.2 million in funding and commercial backing to design the Bridge Park properties that remain to date.

Their vision was the creation of commercial business units, sports and multi-purpose facilities for the community – The Bridge Park Vision was born. Today, the land where Bridge Park sits is estimated to be worth in excess of £50 million on the open market.

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