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Seani B talks with singer Sevana ahead of her UK tour dates

JUSTIFIED SUCCESS: Sevana’s work on a previous tour with Protoje has helped increase her following in the UK

HER PEDIGREE is unquestionable. All the right critics have lauded Sevana for the past 18 months, and the quality of her output has backed the level of props she has received.

I for one rate her highly, and have not stopped raving about her to anyone who will listen (and there have been many who have taken up that mantle).

She is now gearing up for a UK tour which sees her team- ing up with Romain Virgo across these shores, and it is some- thing she is ready for.


“I am so excited about it – I have a new single called Justice and a video in rotation, and now the UK tour is nearly here”, the rising star tells me down the line from Kingston.

The new single shows a development in Sevana’s work. Her self titled EP showed a more “lovers rock” edge to her, while Justice seems to have a more conscious outlook.

“I sat down and observed different things, and thought about what is happening to the earth because of our behaviour – the way we treat it, the earth, the air, the animals,” says Sevana.

“I wrote it several times, but the result is what I felt and wanted. I was fortunate enough to have an all-star cast to play on the tune and I am grateful for that.”

With the tone of the record, I wanted to know how serious Sevana was about her own attitude to the environment?

“I try not to generate too much trash – I stay away from plastics as much as I can, even when I am shopping for groceries,” she says.

“I car pool whenever I can, or walk where possible.” An admirable stance. With her latest UK tour around the corner I was keen to hear her previous experiences of these shores and how she found it when playing to British crowds.

“I came over with Protoje and the reception in each city was amazing,” Sevana says.

“The people were so warm and receptive to the music. I felt very appreciated while I was there. I feel at home in the UK. I really love London, especially Westfield Shopping centre! I spent a lot of time there!!”

“We are excited to come back to the UK for the tour and I will be working with Romain’s band, so it’s the full live music experience. As well as the EP we will be playing some new stuff and I will be working with some producers while I am there. I can’t tell you much about it, but I’m looking forward to it.”

This sounds intriguing, and although I tried to get more details she wasn’t having any of it.

The fact that the new wave of artists from Jamaica are coming over to the UK to develop new projects shows just how strong our current musical scene is, and how much we have to offer across the musical landscape.

Her influences seem to be based on singers with strong messages.

“My mum is a huge blues and soul fan, and listened to Toni Braxton, Celene Dion, Otis Red- ding and loads of country music too! Kenny Rogers ran big in my house! On the reggae front we listened to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Luciano, Sanchez.”

With management stablemate Protoje getting ready to unleash his latest project (you may have seen his latest single Bout Noon around the place), Sevana told me of her plans for the next 12 months.

“We are just selecting the next single to release, and of course I will be on the road raising visibility across the globe,” she explains.

“As well as that, I am also looking forward to working on a series that we have here called Losing Patience, which looks at a different narrative of Jamaican life.

“It looks through the eyes of a young woman, and the tribulations that she goes through.

“Within the show she tries to remain full of patience and calm, which then lends its name to the title of the series.

“This is the only piece of acting that I currently do, but I did a bit when I was younger. It fulfils some of my creative side, and I always want to do my best at it. I do enjoy it and it gives me another platform to express and communicate.”

It’s refreshing to hear the positivity pouring out of this young Jamaican artist, and I have little doubt that her growth across the landscape will be something to be admired in the future.

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