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Second British woman dies after Brazilian butt lift surgery

UNDER THE KNIFE: Increasing numbers of women are having Brazilian butt lifts

A SECOND British woman has died after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure, the BBC has reported.

The cosmetic surgery, which involves fat being taken from one part of the patient’s body and injected into the buttocks, has been described by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons as the most dangerous cosmetic procedure.

In recent year, the surgery has increased in popularity, the result of a number of high profile celebrities undergoing the enhancement surgery.

The Victoria Derbyshire programme revealed that a second British woman in her 20s is now known to have died after having the procedure.

In August, a 29-year-old mum-of-three died after having the surgery in Turkey, a popular destination for the BBLs.

Campaigners have called for cosmetic surgery adverts to be banned but some disagree this will solve the problem as many young women and girls who seek out the surgical enhancements are influenced by images they see on social media.

YouTube vlogger Nella Rose recently opened up about how she considered going under the knife to have a BBL and why she eventually decided against it.

Rose said she had been insecure about her body, something that was heightened by comparing herself to other women and looking up to Instagram influencers and models who had had the surgery, which gave them small waists and big bums.

PICTURED: YouTube vlogger Nella Rose

She said when she first learned about BBL surgery she thought it was “a dream come true”.

Her fans appreciated her honesty.

One said: "’Some people are born blind and can't even see their own body.’ That really hit me. I always complain about having no butt all the time. Watching this video really woke me up. #StartEmbracing.”

HER TRUTH: YouTube vlogger Nella Rose discussed in a recent video why she decided to not have BBL surgery

Another commenter said: “There is way too much ‘perfection’ nowadays that so many girls are getting the maddest surgeries due to stupid insecurities that are built by society.”

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