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Secondary school accused of silencing anti-racism protest

PICTURED: Plumstead Manor (Image: Google Streetview)

A SECONDARY school in Greenwich has accused of shutting down protests against racism and failing to take action against racist social media posts published by a white student.

Eni Awoyemi, a publicity producer at Channel 4, said her cousin led a protest at the Plumstead Manor secondary school in response to its failure to act and was disciplined as a result.

Awoyemi wrote on Twitter: “Very disappointed to hear that Plumstead Manor school are allowing racist behaviour against black students who are being called the “N” word by some white students. My cousin led a protest at the school, but instead they are being disciplined and silenced. They want change.”

She added that the following day the children were told by staff that their response had been “silly” and “disgraceful”.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the school said: “Contrary to recent twitter posts we have disciplined any students who have used offensive and racist language online. Other students have not been silenced and in fact we have listened very carefully and very hard. Please see the previous tweets for our response to this matter.”

On Saturday, Plumstead Manor said: “We are fully aware of the issue that has arisen over social media and the use of offensive and hate-filled language that has been associated with our school. These views do not represent the views of our community and are utterly against our ethos and values.

“We are working with the relevant authorities who need to be involved in this, and have taken action at school this week, and this weekend in light of a number of social media posts that have come to our attention.”

The school added that it was unable to publicise its response to the issues but that it would not tolerate of accept prejudice or extreme views in any form.

The incident was sparked by several posts believed to have been published on social media by a white student at the school.

One read: "All these blacks protesting about everything just not one thing otherwise you will not be heard."

While another read: "I ain’t no racist don’t get it twisted but I won’t let black people throw dirt on us white people because we say n**** in songs when the government band the word n**** in songs I’ll stop singing it with my chest," News Shopper reported.

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