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The secret files of Malcolm X - revealed

REVELATIONS: The late Malcolm X in comic form

THIS WEEK, 92 years ago, Malcolm X, the outspoken black leader was born in Lansing Michigan. As a member the Nation of Islam, Malcolm had a profound effect on the African-American struggle for civil rights and the broader fight against black inequality.

To celebrate his 19 May birthday, Black Belt Comics is releasing Made in America; a new comic book series presenting the extraordinary life and death of Malcolm X.

INFORMER: This scene from the comic book shows an FBI agent gleaning information from a source

Malcolm’s transformative life is well documented, however, little is known about Cointelpro (Counter Intelligence Program) the FBI’s campaign to destroy black leadership. This epic biographical story introduces the reader to the murky world of snitches, espionage and confidential informants as it reframes the assassination of Malcolm X. UK-based Black Belt Comics Studio presents many of the original FBI notes divulging how they actively worked to cause a rift between Malcolm X and his leader, Elijah Muhammad.

Under Elijah’s stewardship the powerful Nation became a rich organisation with over half a million members. The group’s popularity meant numerous government agencies sought to weaken the impact of the group.

THREE WISE MEN: This scene from the comic book depicts Nation of Islam Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King

Sourced from declassified FBI and CIA files, Made in America delves, for the first time, into the 52-year, unsolved riddle of 'who murdered Malcolm X'?

The comic book explores Malcolm’s many powerful enemies, most notably the FBI, the CIA, the NYPD and those within the Nation of Islam. This story considers who had the opportunity, the motive, and the means to kill him.

EXPOSE: This scene from the comic book covers former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover's impact on Malcolm X

Made in America details how black leadership and organisations, throughout history, have been targeted for destruction!

This illustrated novel is designed in an easy-to-read format to be enjoyed by both young and old!

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