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Senior police officer target of racist abuse outside match

RACIALLY ABUSED: Karen Geddes (Photo credit: West Midlands Police

SENIOR POLICE officer Karen Geddes and her daughter were subjected to racist abuse while on their way to a football match

The Detective Chief Inspector said a football fan shouted "F off home to Africa" in a "humiliating" attack as she made her way to Albion's first match of the season.

Geddes, who is black British and of Jamaican decent, has been serving as a police officer for 26 years and is the Crime Manager for Wolverhampton Police, as well as being chair of the West Midlands Black and Asian Police Association.

“I have been a long suffering Albion fan since I met my husband 16 years ago and we are all including my two kids, season ticket holders. Yesterday we attended the first game of the season as a family when this happened and I felt angry, insulted, humiliated and isolated.

“My initial reaction was to shout at him that he was not clever and how dare he say that to me especially in front of my daughter.

According to ITV, Geddes says the racist incident prompted questions from her daughter. "After alerting officers, the man was arrested. I wasn’t sure If she had heard but then later she said ‘Why did he say that about Africa?’

"I have tried to explain that he was a silly man who had said some naughty things and the police had arrested him."

"I have experienced racial abuse before but never in front of my daughter," she added. "[...] I felt so defenceless in that moment and was so happy to see the officers otherwise he would have just walked away, laughing, to watch the game. I am thankful for the officers response, they were very supportive.

"I am not the first and no doubt will not be the last person to be targeted in such a manner. Why − because I am black."

Bolton Wanderers spokesman Paul Holliday said: “The club completely and unequivocally condemns any racist behaviour.”

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