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Sensuality and space explored with Chanje Kundra

PICTURED: Chanje Kundra

Q: So first of all I just wanted to know a bit more about your upbringing, how you got into the art world?

Chanje Kundra When I was 15, I got the opportunity to go to perform in St. Petersburg at the palace of youth creativity. That experience really got me into performing and being on stage opened my eyes to the possibilities of doing that. I really just enjoyed live performance and theatre so I kind of knew what I wanted to do.

Q: You come from a background of writing poetry and now you’re able to dramatise that in your performance art and one woman shows. Do you find that when you do poetry now it’s kind of automatic to add a show to it or do you love the art of just writing and that being a solo piece on its own?

CK: I’ve been loving doing more shows and more performing because I love using my body, I love dancing, I love music and I also love words. So if I can combine all those things together, that’s what I really enjoy.

Q: Do you have a lot of other family members that are into the arts or creatives themselves?

CK: My father’s has a PhD in mathematics and my mum was a midwife so no. My cousins are doctors and such and I had to come out to my mum as a poet because when I was doing my GCSE’s, I got like 8 As and 1 B and she thought I was going to be a doctor or a lawyer or something. I remember, she said to me "you’ve got all those brains you’re going to waste them on poetry" *laughs*

Coming from an African background, art careers don’t seem like actual jobs so it was quite foreign to my mum.

Q: so speaking a little bit more about your show ‘Superposition’ - I wanted to know a little bit more about the production process behind it and how the concept all came together

CK: My idea behind ‘Superposition’ was that I was interested in the secret of the laws of attraction. The Secret is this book that is about self actualisation and it’s about what you put out into the world you get back and what you focus on expands and how to attract wonderful things into your life.

So it was this phenomenon that’s been quite popular and the writer had been on Oprah and everything and it was just talking about the laws of attraction and how you can manifest your dreams and so I was really interested in that and I wanted to find out about what real laws of attraction are.

I interviewed some particle physicists, philosophers and also attend a lap dancing course and that was all to get the different takes about what the actual laws of attraction are and then this show is about what happened when I went on that adventure to find out the laws of attraction.

Q: I read on the website that ‘Superposition’ is described as a celebration of eroticism in a time where its commodified and cheapened in society but women are kind of speaking out more on the inequalities they experience and are being a bit more liberated sexually. Do you see a time where women’s sexual exploration isn’t judged or cheapened or do you it’s something that’s embedded culturally in our society?

CK: Well, with this whole Weinstein and the #MeToo campaign, sexual harassment within entertainment industry has been brought to light. But for me, as a woman and as a feminist, I was interested in exploring how women take ownership of their own sensuality and eroticism and how can it be elevated and celebrated.

Q: What would you like audiences to take away from watching 'Superposition'

CK: Well I would like people to take away from this show, that we are the universe. We’re made of the same things, as the planets and stars and the sun. And you know our atom’s contain vast tracks of empty space like the vast tracks of empty space in the universe. We are a microcosm of the universe and we also are manifestations of the universe. So that is what I would like people to get out of it. And so regardless of race or gender or economic status or any of those things, that are existence is a miracle.

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