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Serena Williams: 'Black women are bottom of the totem pole'

PICTURED: Serena Williams

TENNIS STAR Serena Williams has sparked a debate about the role of black women in society.

Williams, who appeared on the cover of GQ magazine as its Woman of the Year, was speaking in the wake of the controversy that emerged following her heated debate with umpire Carlos Ramos during the US Open women’s nal earlier this year.

She told the magazine: “You do research on how black women, you know, in the workforce are – there are literally papers about it, how black women are treated if they're angry, as opposed to white women, white men, black men," she said. “It is bottom of the totem pole."

She added that American culture condemns strong women who display powerful emotion and used Brett Kavanaugh as an example of how white men are exempt from harsh criticism.

"Kavanaugh's a white man," Serena told GQ. "I'm a black woman. His limit is higher. My limit is way lower. And that's where we stand right now in this world. And it's a fact. It is literally a fact. If you don't believe anything I say, just look at those two examples."

Williams was recognised with the Woman of the Year title after her triumphant return to the sport following the birth of her daughter last September.

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