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Serena Williams shares insights on becoming a working mum

MOTHERHOOD: Serena Williams and daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian (Photo credit: Instagram / Vogue US)

SERENA WILLIAMS took a break from competing after finding out she was pregnant, but not before winning her 23rd Grand Slam. She was 8 weeks pregnant at the Australian Open final last year, which makes her victory all the more impressive.

Upon her return, Williams had been inactive for more than a year, which meant that she was unseeded. However, Wimbledon gave the 36-year old athlete the 25th seed in the tournament which can be considered a triumph for mothers everywhere. As a nod to Wimbledon’s decision,

Belarusian world no. 87 Victoria Azarenka told The Telegraph, “I think it’s an important conversation that has been started. We are discussing the rules and how we can be a leader in sports to have the best maternity policy.”

Professional female tennis players have found out how difficult it is to manage their career while caring for children. In fact, The Voice previously shared a tweet by Williams where she expressed regret over missing her child’s first steps. She joked with Rob Haskell of Vogue that she’s not letting Olympia out of her sight until she’s 18. She’s also tempted to move to Silicon Valley with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, to focus on being a full-time mother. Although, the athlete says she still aims for at least 2 more Grand Slams before she retires.

Motherhood is just another obstacle that Williams is trying to overcome as a professional athlete. Lottoland discussed how she and her older sister, Venus, broke into the tennis world. Before their emergence, the sport lacked diversity in terms of race and class. The sisters are held in very high regard with Venus winning 7 Grand Slam singles titles to add to Serena’s record haul.

The younger sister’s journey to motherhood and subsequent return to tennis was not without its challenges. There were complications during childbirth which required an emergency C-section. The surgery forced her to stop anticoagulant medication which caused blood clots to form in her lungs. And to top it all off, she endured coughing fits that tore her stitches. The complications delayed her recovery and caused her to be bedridden for a while.

Getting her tennis mojo back has been pretty tough for Williams, as it would be for any mother returning to work full-time. Her return to Wimbledon saw her defeated by Angelique Kerber in the Ladies’ Singles Final. Serena Williams told the press that she dedicated her comeback to “all the mums out there”. Williams added: “I have so much to look forward to and I’m literally just getting started.”

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