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Serena Williams speaks out about sister’s murder

GUN VIOLENCE: Serena Williams set up a charity in tribute to her late sister

SERENA WILLIAMS has opened up about her eldest sister’s murder in an interview for a new YouTube series.

Williams spoke about Yetunde Price’s death during a conversation about gun violence for online show DiversiTea.

The series, which is produced by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, is presented by Naomi Wadler, a 12-year-old youth activist.

Wadler, who rose to prominence after she spoke the March for Our Lives rally in Washington DC, aged 11, sat down with the tennis superstar during an episode of the six-part series.

“I was affected personally by gun violence. My sister unfortunately passed from that so that was a really difficult time for me and my family,” Williams said.

She went on to briefly detail part of her response to her sister’s death.

“In fact that’s what my charity does it provides a resource it’s called the Yetunde Price Resource Center and we provide a resource for people that have been affected by gun violence. People are really talking about it now because it’s happening more widespread and it’s been affecting our community for years,” she said.

The Yetunde Price Resource Center website describes the Williams sister as “nurturing and loving and always making sure others had before she did”.

Price was fatally shot in Compton, California, in 2003. She was in the passenger seat of her car when the gunfire struck her.

The mother-of-three was 31 years old when she died.

Last year Price’s killer, Robert Maxfield, was released from prison, three years prior to completing 15-year sentence for her murder, on account of good behaviour.

Williams learned her sister’s killer had been freed from jail just moments before she lost to Johanna Konta at the Silicon Valley Classic tournament in August last year.

“I couldn’t shake it out of my mind,” Williams told Time of her reaction.

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