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Seven simple steps to become PMI CAPM Certified

IF YOU are interested in making a career in project management, then PMI CAPM is an entry level certification program for the project managers and those who dream to make a career in project management. This certification is going to distinguish you from others in the market and you will able to work effectively on different projects or along with the project management teams.

Project management is one of the rapidly growing professions across the world, and it is predicted that there is going to be a great requirement for this profession in the future. So, in order to put yourself on the fast track with the opportunities, you need to get PMI CAPM Certification.

The Project Management Institute or PMI offers the Certified Associate in Project Management Certification. Anyone who is interested in taking up and managing huge projects or anyone who wishes to add extra skills to their current project management position can take up this certification. This is an exam conducted online, and hence you will not have any kind of problem taking the exam.

PMI CAPM exam will be conducted for three hours, and you need to answer 150 multiple choice question. You will have to retake the exam every five years in order to maintain this asset of PMI CAPM Certification.

Seven simple steps to become PMI CAPM Certified

If you have no idea about PMI CAPM exam, then go through the seven steps given below that will help you get certified.

1. Check your eligibility

When you are applying for PMI CAPM exam, you will have to check your eligibility first. You should have a secondary degree, associate degree, high school diploma or any global equivalent. Along with that, you should also have 1500-hours experience in any project. If you do not have any project experience, then you should have at least completed 23 hours of education in project management. This should be completed by the time you sit for your exam.

2. PMI CAPM Training classes

In most cases, it’s the people with work experience who apply for this certification. But it is always good to attend PMI CAPM training classes which can help you in clearing the examination.

3. Apply through PMI website

When you are applying for CAPM Exam Dumps, it is always good to apply through the official website. This is the best way to know more about the exam before you actually apply for it. Once you see the website, you will be able to understand many important facts, which you might not have had any idea of before.

This is why it’s key to check the official website before you apply. If you already have PMI login ID and password, then you can login using them and apply. If you do not have one, then you can create one on their website. When you are creating the login ID and password, you will have to enter the experience details along with it. This is where you will be asked for your educational history.

4. Pay your exam fee

If you are already a member of PMI, then you just need to pay $225 for the exam, and if you are not a member, then you need to pay $300. Being a member means taking annual membership on PMI website and PMI offer a good discount for students who are taking PMI membership and paying the exam fee.

If you’re looking to save some money on your PMI CAPM certification, then you will have to visit their website and gather information.

5. Schedule your exam and start your preparation

You need to schedule a date for your exam and then get started with the preparation. You need to spend enough time on the CAPM exam. As discussed earlier, the exam is going to be for three hours, and you need to answer 150 questions.

You can get started with the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). This is the base from where you can get started. You can get a PDF copy of this from PMI website, using this as as a guide for the exam. You can also refer to other sources in order to succeed in the exam.

6. Take your exam

Make sure that you are prepare for the exam. You can take the exam online from Online Proctored Exam mode. This can be done from anywhere of your choice, as long as you have a computer with good internet connectivity. You can also opt for the centre based exam, choosing a list of centres close to your location from the PMI website.

7. Retake an exam every five years

If you have cracked your CAPM exam on your first attempt - congratulations!. But you will have to take this exam for every five years in order to have the asset of PMI CAPM certification. This is very important, and when the certificate expires and you don't retake it, then you will no longer be a PMI CAPM certified associate.


All in all, the process is simple if you put your efforts in and prepare. PMI training classes can be really helpful for you to crack the exam and also make you qualified for the exam. So, even after having years of experience, it is always good to attend PMI classes. Start your preparation today and all the best for your PMI CAPM Certification.

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