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Sevyn Streeter hits London Town

UK DEBUT: Sevyn Streeter

THE VOICE caught up with Sevyn Streeter for a quick chat about her first ever performance in the UK.

The 32-year-old RnB singer released her first ever album Girl Disrupted in 2017 and prior to that had seen a number of her singles perform well in the charts garnering the Florida-born talent a hard core global fanbase.

Having tied for first place when competing on Showtime at the Apollo aged ten and signing her first record deal when she was just 15-years-old, it’s fair to say that Sevyn Streeter was destined for greatness. But what we really wanted to know was what to expect from tonight’s show, who she wants to colloaborate with in the future and does she agree with Jacquees’ claim that he is the king of this generation of RnB singers - and who is the Queen?

“For me Beyonce is the queen of everything,” she enthused. “Literally, I am obsessed with Beyonce. I’m also obsessed with the musical history of Chris Brown, I don’t think we can ever discredit that or Usher’s musical history, there are just so many who have done so much for RnB. Let’s not even start talking about the groups because then we have to talk about Dru Hill, Jagged Edge or Silk - we could go way back.”

Check out the rest of our Q&A with the star below:

The Voice: So, what are your thoughts on Jacquees’s recent declaration that as far as this generation is concerned, he is the king of RnB?

SS: I hate when people tell me how to feel about myself, so if that’s how Jacquees feels about himself and his position in music, then kudos to him. But if that’s how he feels, then let him feel that way. I love Jacquees, he’s the homie, I enjoy his music, all of his stuff.

Honestly I think that Puff hit the nail on the head when he said that there is so much that goes into being the king of RnB, or the king or queen of anything - especially when it comes to music, RnB music specifically.

You want to make babies to RnB music, you want to cry to RnB music, you want to fall in love to RnB music, there is just so much emotion that comes from that and I think turning those concepts into hit records, consecutive hit records for a number of years as well as going out and being able to perform those songs to fans that have been listening to them and want to come out and see you, all of those things are king worthy to me.

I could never just pick one. But as I said, if Jacquees says he feels that way, that’s fine. Everyone should feel amazing about themselves, there is nothing wrong with that.

The Voice: You’re in the UK for a concert at the Electric Ballroom in London – You’re first time performing in the UK, you must be looking forward to it?

SS: I am so excited, you have no idea. I have been dying to come to London literally all of my life, so I am so excited to be here. I have never performed any of my songs abroad so it’s really nice to reach back into my archive and perform songs that I know are fan favourites and I love London, it’s beautiful.

The Voice: What can fans expect from you tonight?

SS: They can expect to hear all of their favourites. If they want to hear other favourites they can definitely tweet me and let me know. I think I got you covered but just in case I leave off one or two that they want to hear, let me know.

The Voice: How’s 2018 been treating you, a year after you released your first album?

SS: This year has been one of rebuilding, a year of freedom and being my most creative self without any outside influences telling me how to do that. That’s been amazing. My new single, Yernin, came from that space and my new project, Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts that will be out next year, was birthed from that same space. As an artist, you can’t create if you’re not free and comfortable to do so. So for me 2018 has been amazing because I’ve been able to go to the studio and write and create whatever it was that I felt like.

The Voice: Who would you like to work with on future projects?

SS: I really want to work with Miguel. He’s always my first choice, don’t ask me why I just think he’s amazing. I would love to work with SZA, I think we would do a great collab together. I love Kehlani, that’s like, my girl.

The Voice: Are there any British acts you rate particularly highly?

SS: There is so much that I don’t know, I’m constantly getting educated. Some one was telling me about Grime music which I have never heard of but I’m over here trying to learn. I know a little bit about Skepta, I like his energy, I like Jorja Smith, I think she’s smooth, I like her tone and I think that she has a vibe and I love Stefflon Don, that’s actually the homie and every time I see her it’s love.

The Voice: It’s that time of the year when people look back and compile their best this and that - what were your top three RnB artists for 2018?

SS: I love Miguel’s album and everything that he did on his album. I love SZA’s album. I love any time people take RnB and push it to new heights, I thinks that’s amazing. I think Ty Dolla $ign’s album was amazing. It’s so weird because they hear Ty on so many different things I think sometimes they don’t give Ty all the credit that he’s due.

But Ty Dolla $ign is a phenomenal creator, singer and songwriter and I think that he deserves more roses. And then there is Daniel Caesar, oh my god I love Daniel Caesar. I almost attacked him on a red carpet last year when I met him for the first time. I think he’s brilliant.

Catch Sevyn Streeter’s performance tonight (Dec 13) at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

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