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Shakespeare heads to the islands for A Caribbean Dream

WATCH: A Caribbean Dream

FOR THOSE who are interested in Shakespeare plays with a twist, A Caribbean Dream might just before you.

The film directed and written by Shakirah Bourne is a reimagining of Shakespeare’s classic Midsummer Night’s Dream - but this time it's set against a vibrant backdrop, brimming with the colours of the Caribbean and bringing a joyous approach to the legendary playwright’s words.

The flick plays out in a carnival atmosphere as Puck - the butler and the staff of a tropical home, turn into mischievous fairies and tamper with the wedding plans of three couples. One of the couples - Theseus and Hippolyta arrive back in Barbados to be married during Crop Over.

The actors - played by a mix of British and Barbadian talent - bring a unique vibe to the film. Aden Gillett plays the protective Theseus, who demands Hermia (Marina Bye) to marry Demetrius (Sam Gillett), while his own bride-to-be Hippolyta looks on in concern.

What then ensues is chaos and madness as it unfolds at night, using Caribbean folklore, culture history and landscape to take the story further as mystery, magic and romance takeover underneath the Caribbean moonlight.

The mixture of English, Bajan slang and original Shakespeare dialogue makes it an interesting watch, as cultures blend together and embrace a diverse perspective on an archaic play. Other high moments included the exhilarating sense of humour which omitted through the screen, making it a laugh out loud watch.

Like the original, A Caribbean Dream explores themes of mistaken identities, lovers’ tiffs and more, retaining the authenticity of Midsummer Night’s Dream . One of the major changes come in the form of fishermen taking the place of the labourers’ rude mechanicals.

Nonetheless, A Caribbean Dream is a unique and entertaining re-imagination of one of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies, providing a fresh take on the text which has not been approached before.

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