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Is she the real victim?

PICTURED: Millicent Barnes said that was her who was threatened with a knife and verbally abused

A YOUNG woman who allegedly threatened a mother holding her baby on the London Underground has claimed that she is the victim.

Student Millicent Barnes, who was identified in CCTV Images from the central line, has been accused of verbally abusing a mother and allegedly threatening her with a knife after the baby kicked her. However, she claims that there are inaccuracies in how the story is being reported and that she was the victim of verbal abuse.

Speaking to Mail Online, she said: "I I was not carrying a knife, the mother of the child was the person who threatened me after me being shouted at and verbally assaulted by four members of her family.

(British Transport Police said the woman had come forward and would be interviewed (Photo credit: SWNS)

"Simply because I asked for an apology for the grandfather jamming the pram into my ankle twice. The woman threatened ME with the knife."

Barnes also acknowledged the incident on Twitter, writing: "I may be mad, I may have a temper but if you know me, you know that I would NEVER do that."

In an updated statement released on Saturday, British Transport Police (BTP) said a woman in her 20s contacted the force in response to their appeal over the incident. She will be interviewed in due course, BTP added.

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