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Sheffield teacher told black pupil he looked like a monkey

OUTRAGE: (Photo credit: REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

A 10-year old black pupil was referred to as a monkey by his school teacher at Lowfield Primary in Sheffield.

Isaiah Powis drew a picture of a monkey while in class on March 7. He was asked to write down facts about the rainforest and finish off his work by drawing an animal.

When his teacher came to collect his work, she made the remark 'I see that you have drawn a portrait of yourself' before laughing about it.

According to the Daily Mail, his mother Paulina Francis, says her son expressed that he did not find the remarks funny while other children on his table began to laugh at him.

'I was disgusted by the teacher's poor choice of words,' said Francis. 'People need to realise that using this word is not a joke. I came here from Sierra Leone when I was 12 due to civil war in the country.

'I had people saying go back to your own country with the rest of the apes. My daughter has also been called a monkey by another pupil. You can almost forgive a child for not knowing the seriousness but to have a teacher compare my son to a monkey is unbelievable.

'This is 2018 now and we live in a multi-cultural Britain. The teacher is seen as a person of authority for these kids so because she was laughing it made the pupils laugh and call my son a monkey because they now think its acceptable.'

Francis told her son to write down what happened in class. She immediately rang the school to speak to the head master or deputy head about the incident but was told they were in a meeting.

The Daily Mail reports that she says they spoke to one member of staff before the teacher came out to speak with them.

According to Francis, the teacher said she apologised to Isaiah immediately after she made the comment. She also told her that the drawing was not clear and she was rushing before telling them she thought Isaiah had drawn a bear.

A spokesperson for Lowfield Primary School said: 'We take all complaints seriously and the incident has been investigated. We have passed the outcome onto Miss Francis.'

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