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Should Mary Seacole be the first black Brit on a bank note?

PUBLIC OPINION: The general public share their thoughts on Mary Seacole potentially featuring on the £50 bank note<

MPs AND members of the public have called for Mary Seacole to be featured on the £50 bank note with many noting that the legendary black Briton would be a worthy nomination.

As the Bank of England continue to take nominations and deliberate who will feature on the coveted bank note, we took to the public to ask them whether they think Seacole should be the number one choice:

Tanya Dudley, 21, from Nottingham said: “My dad always used to say that Mary Seacole deserved more attention, alongside Florence Nightingale. She did a lot for the soldiers during the Crimean War and deserves the attention. It’s about time black people were represented.

"If I had to choose someone else then it’d be Harriet Tubman, but I’m also very happy that it’s Mary Seacole. Although, on the flip side, I do wonder why it’s the £50 note instead of other notes, considering 50s aren’t as widely used anymore. It’s almost like saying we are thinking of you, we care, but really we’re just pushed aside again.”

PICTURED: Mary Seacole

Steven Langley, 39, from Leicester, said: “I think it’s a great idea. I’m half Kenyan and half Indian, so I’m all for representation. Think there should definitely be more of it.”

Carol Tryden, 57, from Ruddington said: “There are so many black people who have done great things many, many years ago and they should be recognised. I don’t have anyone that I’d choose to be on the notes, but Mary Seacole seems like a very good idea.”

Nathan Blackwater, a 41-year-old businessman, from Clifton, Nottingham had a different opinion compared to many. He said: “If you ask me, there shouldn’t be a face at all. The notes should be shared amongst everyone, but I also think Mary Seacole is a great idea. And if I had to choose someone else to be on the notes it would be Marcus Garvey.”

If you could choose a black Briton to be featured on the £50 bank note, who would it be?

Voxpops complied by Malvika Padin, Jess Evans and Chloe Gibb

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