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Singing sisters aim for major success

SISTER ACT: Elsa (left) and Irene Major [PIC CREDIT: Metin Tikli Photos]

WITH A debut single likened to the annoyingly catchy pop smash Gangnam Style, rising duo Major have their eyes firmly fixed on success. The group, made up of sisters Irene and Elsa Major recently released the single Love Me Boy, written by Ivor-Novello songwriter Pete Kirtley. And with the song – and its colourful accompanying video – oozing fun and frivolity, it’s clear that the singing sisters don’t take themselves too seriously.

Describing themselves as a ‘little eccentric’, the girls, who are of Cameroonian descent, each boast individual achievements, with Irene – a former Miss Cameroon – starring alongside Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry in the James Bond film Die Another Day, while Elsa enjoyed a successful career as a model. But now the siblings have joined forces, naming themselves Major as a tribute to their late father who was an army major. And together, the duo hopes to make a major mark on the music industry.

How do you describe your musical style?
We are varied in our style, which will become apparent as we bring out more songs. Rather than being locked into a style, I would say that music is a channel for us to express our easy-going yet passionate natures. Major is limitless and not afraid to embrace all kind of genres.

What would you say to the critics who think your fun pop image is cheesy?
Our first single Love Me Boy is deliberately fun and a little eccentric - like us - but it is part of a range of styles. We are just two sisters having fun and hoping to inspire people.

The video for Love Me Boy sees you having fun with a plastic man-doll, known as your ‘boy toy’. What was the inspiration for the video?
It was born out a need to entertain and produce something full of life, inspired by the vibrant world we live in. We are both passionate yet light-hearted and we enjoy interacting with the world. Also, fighting over our boy toy was just divine!

There are currently no major (pardon the pun) black British female duos. Do you think this could work to your advantage?
We don’t think ethnicity plays any real part here. Our aim is simply to make music everyone can relate to.

To what extent is your Cameroonian heritage an influence on your lives?
We are so proud of our Cameroonian heritage.  African women are strong, determined and successful and these characteristics are part of everything we do.  We are always striving to work hard and to make our dreams come true.

What are the highs and lows of working together as sisters?
We know each other so well that we complete each other's sentences and understand each other's moods, likes and dislikes. That bond is truly magical. But also knowing each other so well means that neither of us can hide something from the other – even if one of us would prefer to.

What are your fondest memories of your father and do you think he'd be proud of your rising music career?
Our dad was a wonderful man and he instilled a great work ethic into us. He constantly encouraged us to persevere and to never give up. He was a major in the army and that’s where our stage name comes from – it’s a tribute to him.  Our dad would be very proud of us and what we have achieved.  He knew that singing was always our passion and that we dreamed of becoming pop stars one day. And now, our dreams are finally coming true.

What are your proudest achievements to date?
We’ve both got so much to be proud and thankful for.  Workwise, we have had successful modelling careers in London and Paris.  I [Irene] appeared alongside Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry in Die Another Day, which was an incredible experience.  Elsa also appeared on [the reality TV show] Temptation Island as a temptress!

Now, we both feel so lucky to be launching this Major music venture. That’s a really big achievement for us at the moment because we have spent two years getting to this moment in our lives.

Aside from all that, Elsa and I also do as much as we can for charity. One of my proudest achievements is setting up the charity IM Life based in Madagascar, which provides support including food, shelter and training in logistic support to those in desperate need. Im Life also supports families and individuals affected by HIV. 

Where do you see yourselves in five years' time?
The plan is for Major to be as major as our names suggests.  We are working on the release of our debut album, which we hope will be released later this year.  Ideally, we just want to continue to make great music, which will hopefully inspire young people to have fun and follow their dreams. Watch this space – it is all in God’s hands and the only way is up for Major!

Follow Major on Twitter: @major_musicuk

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