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Sir Lenny Henry awarded for extensive charity work

CHARITABLE: Lenny Henry has a long history of raising funds for humanitarian causes

SIR LENNY Henry has been presented with an award recognising his extensive charity work.

The comedian, one of the founders of Comic Relief, has helped raise millions over the years for different charitable projects.

Henry described the award as an honour and said his mum’s Christian spirit had inspired his own actions.

“I didn’t set out to do this stuff you know. My mum, though, was a Christian, she was saved again in the latter part of her and she always stressed even when she wasn’t really thinking about being Christian, she always stressed about helping people that are worse off than yourself. And she did a lot in the community and latterly, even when she was in a wheelchair, she went out into the community and ministered to people and helped young people and she led by example. I guess as a result of that, I do the same thing. We don’t know anything else in our family. So it’s really wonderful to receive this,” Henry said on receiving the award last month.

David Jamieson, the West Midlands police and crime commissioner who presented Henry with the Midlands Business and Community Charity Lifetime Award, told Dudley News: “It was a pleasure to present Sir Lenny with the award. He fully deserved it.

“I am also pleased my office was able to sponsor this award as it is important that we take time to recognise those who do so much work to help others.

“Sir Lenny is a fine example to us all and should be recognised for his efforts."

Jamieson went on to say that he hoped Henry’s achievements would inspire others to make a positive difference in their local areas.

The Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards aim to bring together those working in business and the community and acknowledge and celebrate unsung heroes.

Henry, who was a trustee of Comic Relief for more than 27 years, is the honorary life president of the charity.

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