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Six celebrities with hobbies you wouldn't expect

NO STRANGER TO CONTROVERSY: Azealia Banks has said she's an avid practitioner of witchcraft

THE MOST famous celebrities among us have a tendency to be an eccentric bunch. There's the bizarre baby names, the incomprehensible diets and, of course, the interesting hobbies. Celebrities are known for their artistic and bohemian mindsets, which often mean that they pick up some pretty curious habits that you might not expect. If you're wondering what the hobbies of some of the most famous people alive are, read on to find out.

Azealia Banks: Witchcraft
Rap queen Azealia Banks is no stranger to controversy, having beefed with everyone from Elon Musk to T.I. One of her latest controversies emerged following the revelation on her Instagram story that she's an avid practitioner of witchcraft, even going so far as to use the spare room in her New York apartment to cast elaborate spells. She's also stepping into the entrepreneurial world by manufacturing her own soap, which she promises has magical results.

Johnny Depp: Barbie Dolls
Hollywood legend Johnny Depp is outspoken about his love for Mattel's Barbie Dolls, which he has collected in the hundreds. He frequently says that playing with Barbie is "one of the few things I'm good at" and admits that he still places a pre-order whenever a new edition of the iconic American toy is due for release.

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Bingo
Catherine Zeta-Jones may be well-liked for her range on the film set, but she's also known as one of the world's keenest bingo players, which she attributes to the fact that her parents once won £100,000 on a single game and were able to use the money to pay for her dance classes. She's known to still play almost every day, although it's not clear whether she prefers hitting up the bingo hall or logging into some online bingo sites in her perpetual quest for a full house.

Mila Kunis: World of Warcraft
Mila Kunis lives to defy expectations. She's a Hollywood bombshell and a sex symbol in her own right, but also a massive geek. She admits that her favourite past times are playing the online MMORPG World of Warcraft and any of the Star Trek video games she can get her hands on. She also says that she regularly pressures friends to sign up to WoW so that they can help her out in quests.

Rod Stewart: Model Trains
As far as celebrity hobbies go, this one might just be the most wholesome. He has frequently described his obsession with model trains as "borderline", admitting that he always takes his best ones on tour with him and even goes as far as to book an extra hotel room to hold his gargantuan collection. To each their own.

Taylor Swift: Snow Globes
Taylor may be most at home on the stage, but she's also just as content when she's sat at home creating her very own snow globes. She's always been known as a crafty gal, often making her own furniture, decorations and outfits. Her custom snow globes are sent out to her nearest and dearest every December as part of her longstanding "Swiftmas" celebrations, whilst some are even handed out to lucky fans.

If you're looking for a new hobby to add to your CV, take some inspiration from these celebs. If anything, we find this often quirky but quite human side of theirs endearing - with the possible exception of witchcraft, that is.

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