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Six fitness enthusiasts you should follow on Instagram

NEW YEAR NEW YOU: The Instagram accounts to follow this year

AS WE shake off the holiday blues and get back into beast mode, let these fitness enthusiasts guide you into a healthier, fitter and finer 2017.

1. @herroyalthighness

The football player and fitness model is sure to get you eating your greens and doing those squats, just by looking at her. Her Instagram page is filled with videos of her working out, meal options, and even prize giveaways including stylish gym-wear to a week's supply of Pro Gains prepared meals. If you're looking for an attainable Insta page that's both visually appealing and practical, Her Royal Thighness is certainly it.

2. @massy.arias

Certified personal trainer Massy Arias is like the OG when it comes to Instagram fitness. Boasting over 2 million followers, she is known for her upbeat, instructional exercise posts accompanied by swoon-worthy selfies and before and after pics sent to her from fans.

3. @curtiswilliams17

This former NFL athlete and performance coach has been featured in Men's Health and has over 26,000 followers, thanks to his hardcore training. He is also the proud owner of C.A.M.P Performance Centre in New York City and is responsible for a lot of hot bodies across the country. Proceed with caution – this Insta page is only for the strong-willed.

4. @nicoleosbourne

Being fit isn't always about sticking to the gym, and Nicole Osbourne's pole fitness definitely shows that. The dance instructor demonstrates how yoga and pole-dancing can benefit you in numerous ways; from flexibility, core strength, to some fun tricks which I'm sure will be beneficial to you and your partner.

5. @yogaracheal

Soothe your mind, body and soul with Racheal's inspiring yoga videos. With over 145,000 followers, her page is filled with videos demonstrating how to master specific moves and enhance your mindset. Downward-facing dog anyone?

6. @brittnebabe

If you're looking for food prep ideas, inspirational posts and the ultimate body #goals, Brittne Babe has it all and more. From her 21 day challenges which inspires followers to get active, to her fabulous full body pics and workout regimes, Brittne will have you hitting the gym in no time, just to get those flawless abs.

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